How To Submit Your 2013 New Years Contest Entry

Calling All Contest Finishers

Almost exactly two months ago we launched the New Years Contest To End All New Years Contests.

If you don’t quite remember it, the gist is that EVERYONE wants to use the New Year to start getting in better shape. I wanted to help people actually DO that. So I decided to bribe you.

More and more I’m realizing that my real goal is to remove any and all excuses you have from working out and/or doing the things you really want to do be doing. If that requires bribery, than so be it. So I bit the bullet, and launched a contest featuring a slew of ridiculous prizes.

And…the response has been incredible. Hundreds of people began Impossible Abs and thousands (yes, thousands with a T), picked up the No Excuses Workout. Not only that, but halfway through the course, I sent out an email just checking on people and surprisingly people were sticking with it (unfortunately many fitness programs have an incredible fall-off rate of people picking up and stopping as soon as it gets hard. Case in point: is your gym empty yet? Surprisingly, we’ve seen an incredible amount of people sticking with the program – which is about the best thing a program creator can hear :).)

But, now the 8 week challenge is over. It’s time to share your story (if you stuck it all out).

Prizes Up For Grabs

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

How To Get In On It

Submit Your Story

First up, submit your story here

We’ll be considering entries for the next 7 days – until March 10th, 2013 at Midnight EST). After that, you can still submit your story, but it won’t be eligible for these prizes (although I’d still love to hear them). Please note: for the sake of our sanity & keeping track of everything, we’re only considering entries that are submitted through the above link.

Tips on Submitting Your Entry

I’m expecting a flood of submissions. I’m going to read every single one, but if you want, here’s how you can stand out from the crowd.

Your Physical Changes

How did you change physically? Did the program actually work? Remember, details are good and photos are great. If you have numbers as far as weights/measurements, etc – even better. Also, if you’ve noticed energy level changes or other physical-related changes or improvements, this is where you let me know.

Beyond The Physical

One of the reasons I focus on physical challenges is because I believe they have the greatest ability to help shape, impact and change people in a real, undeniably, visceral way. If the 8 week challenge has been challenging you beyond just the fitness component, be sure to let me know.

What’s Next?

8 weeks is a good start, but the contest isn’t the end – it’s just the beginning. What’s next for you and your story? What are you going to be relentlessly pursuing from here forward? How has Impossible Abs helped you forward in that respect?

The Ripple Effect

Who’s going to be different because you’re different? How are you going to pass it along?

Details & honesty are more important than creativity or clever phrases. Results of course, speak the loudest of all.

Thank You

Again, to everyone who participated in the contest – I want to say thanks – not only for taking me up on this challenge – but for putting action to the words that people so easily toss around.

Remember, you have the next 7 days to submit your story here.

Share Your Story Here


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