3 Things I’d Love Your Help With

I got into Austin late last night and kicked off SxSw this morning with a mile and a half walk in a small monsoon. Fortunately, the next few days are looking to be a lot of fun and (hopefully) a lot less wet. In the meantime, there’s a few things that are happening around the blog that I’d love your help with.

3 Things I’d Love Your Help With

1. Review Impossible: The Manifesto on Amazon

The manifesto has been downloaded thousands and thousands of times and recently it’s been available on Amazon. It’s been available there for a few weeks, and we already have 10 stellar reviews. If you haven’t read it yet, you can always download the manifesto for free ( PDF | EPUB | KINDLE ) at HQ, but if you enjoyed it or if it motivated you to go tell your own story and do something impossible, it’d be great for you to share your thoughts as Amazon reviews.

Review Impossible: The Manifesto

2. Answer 3 Really Quick Questions

Take this super quick 3 question survey. I’m always tweaking things around here to  make them better and your feedback helps. This 3 questions survey might take you a full minute to fill out (if you’re slow). 3 questions and you’re done. BOOM.

Take the survey.

3. Come Hang Out In Austin.

Taking online interactions offline is one of the best perks of having a blog. I’ll be in Austin for SXSW for the next 10 days or so, so if you’re around the festival somewhere, let me know. I’d love to meet you in person and hear what sort of impossible things you’re up to. I’ll be the guy running around completely soaked looking like a drowned rat.

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