Do The Impossible: 50 Quotes To Inspire You To Do The Impossible

Do The Impossible

50 Impossible Quotes

Part of the deal with writing is that some of what you write resonates with people, while some of it completely misses the mark. I try to combat this by hitting publish, even when I’m not sure whether or not what I’m writing sucks. However, while I’ve written my share of bad posts over the last few years, there are also a few that have captured people’s attention. Some of the most popular posts I’ve ever written have been the following two:

While those are great posts by themselves and have been viewed 80,000+ times, I realized I could do something a little more with this than just leave them as flat words on a screen. My good friend David Crandall runs Brand Superpower and is a master of visual + textual presentation and helped me put together something that I’m really excited about. We created a visual presentation and inspirational booklet for you based on these quotes that should inspire your imagination to challenge what you think is possible so you can act on those dreams and make them a reality. I’m excited to have this for you today free of charge.

50 Quotes To Inspire You To Do The Impossible

This beautifully designed impossible quote booklet has quotes and wisdom spanning centuries from visionaries and world-changers such as Walt Disney to Nelson Mandela, Arthur C. Clarke, Marcus Aurelius, Napoleon Bonaparte and Superman (Christopher Reeve). The user guide for this booklet is pretty simple.

  1. Download your copy of 50 Quotes to Inspire you to do the Impossible. (right click, save as)
  2. Read it.
  3. Be Inspired.
  4. Then go do something.
That’s it. Note that #4 is the most important part. As pretty as this might be, if you don’t do something impossible, then all the inspiration in the world won’t do a thing.
So grab a cup of coffee. Sit back. Enjoy this gift. Then go do something impossible.

50 Quotes To Inspire You To Do The Impossible

Major hat tip to David Crandall once again for the incredible design of this piece. He’s incredibly talented and able to help with a lot of branding projects you might have. You can also view the presentation on slideshare below.
Again, thanks for reading the blog. I really do appreciate it. :)

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  1. says

    Awesome dude. Just looked at on my phone through the first 23 pages (for whatever reason my phone won’t download the rest) and this lit the fire (as usual with you) within.

    Great work…will spread the word

  2. Yolanda says

    How could I make that into screen savers? I tried but don’t know how so I know it’s not impossible. Thanks!

  3. Tanya says

    Thank you for the inspir-ACTION . I feel it’s better to read it slowly so I’ll read soon because of my priorities right now.

  4. Tobias Mullinax says

    This is awesome! I particularly love the quotes from Jesus Christ, Christopher Reeve and Nelson Mandela.

  5. Grace says

    Sometimes I think it gets too hard, too complicated, or there is too much sacrifice. But then you give out these kind of quotes or inspirations, and it gives you an electrifying bolt of energy to recharge yourself and push that extra mile.

  6. says

    I really love this blog. So inspiring!

    I have finally embarked on sharing my own inspirations with the world via photos — one a day!

    I think you and your readers would enjoy the easy daily read. I’ve already gained quite the community, and I’d love to have you in it!



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