And So It Begins…

And so it begins…

I officially signed up for my first “triathlon” ever.  Next week. *Gulp*

The word triathlon is in quotes because I’m sure all real triathletes will scoff at the notion that I’m calling what I’m doing next week a triathlon for at least 3 reasons.

  1. It’s Indoors
  2. It’s Timed
  3. I’m Only Swimming In a  Pool That’s 4 Feet Deep

I’m okay with that.  This isn’t the end goal for me.  It’s a starting point.  I figured this is a nice baby step introduction to the world of triathlons for those same 3 reasons.

  1. It’s Indoor [I don’t have to worry Chicago’s terrible unpredictable spring weather – 70, Snow, 75, Slush, Hail, 70 again]
  2. It’s Timed [I only have to keep going for an hour.  As long as I can maintain consciousness for an hour, I’m set. I don’t have to worry about covering 70.3 or 140.6 miles in order to actually finish…yet.]
  3. I’m Only Swimming In A Pool That’s 4 Feet Deep.  [If I drown in 4 feet of water, I probably deserve to die.]

While I’m usually ridiculously competitive, I’m not worried about time, distance, placement, anything for this race.  I have three goals from this triathlon.  I want to:

  1. Actually Do it.
  2. Prove To Myself I Can Do It.
  3. Use It As A Stepping Stone To Other Bigger & Better Triathlons

So listen up “Triathlon”…If that is your real name.

Saturday. Life Time Fitness. Schaumburg, IL.  It’s me. vs. you and one of us is getting their tail kicked.  [Here’s a hint: it’s not going to be me].  See you then.

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