How To Create Your Own Impossible List

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney Since Impossible has started, the impossible list has been one of the centerpieces of it.  From the get-go, I said that I started this blog in order to be an impetus to live a story and do something with my life. The Impossible List […]

Impossible FM #021: How to Make Your Own Impossible List


In today’s episode of Impossible FM, I jump into how my impossible list jumpstarted my life, how I went ahead and made it and how you can make your very own impossible list. Links Mentioned The Impossible List The Impossible List is NOT a Bucket List How To Start a Blog Evernote Ways to Listen […]

Impossible FM #020: The Two Phrases You Should NEVER Use Again


Links Mentioned In This Episode The Ultimate Paleo Guide The Two Phrases Blog Post Ways to Listen To This Episode Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Click the player at the top of the page

The Two Phrases You Should Never Use


There are two phrases you should never use if you’re going to live an impossible life. I’ve started a mini-moratorium on using these words in my personal vocabulary and I hope you will do the same. “I’m Bored” This might be the saddest statement I’ve ever said (or heard). “Bored” Feeling weary because one is […]

Impossible Gear 2014 Fire Sale

Photo Dec 04, 1 11 15 AM

Hey guys, So I got a box of impossible tees (blue and grey) plus women’s tanks that I need to clear out. Long story short – we’re changing stores for a final time to help us streamline handling orders. That said, we’re going to be running a whole new batch of inventory with a few […]

Impossible FM #019: How To Actually Do The Things You Say You Want To Do


In today’s podcast, I talk about how to actually do the things you say you want to do. Stop waiting for it to happen and start doing it today. Enjoy The 10 Step Process for Doing What You Say You Want To Do Decide what it is you want. Write it down. Make a plan. […]

5 Years Ago

Exactly 5 years ago, I spent Thanksgiving weekend slogging through half-melted snow-slush, getting chased by dogs and trying not to slip on any still-frozen patches of ice at my part-time seasonal, UPS job. I was still waiting to be picked. Still waiting for qualifications. Still wanting things to happen to me. 5 years later, with […]

Impossible FM #018: Recalculating

impossible fm

In today’s episode, I talk about a powerful lesson I learned the other day about recalculating.    Ways to Listen To This Episode Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Click the player at the top of the page

Impossible Hoodies Are Now Available


TLDR: Impossible Hoodies are available for pre-order starting today. Get your pre-order in right here. Today we’re launching something you guys have been asking for for years! The Impossible Hoodie is finally here! Here’s what it looks like: Printed on high quality, California zip-hoodies by American Apparel, these Impossible Hoodies will keep you toasty warm this […]

How I Wrote 2 E-Books in 1 Week


How I Wrote Two E-Books in One Week I love gamifying life. Whether it’s through something like The Atlantic Challenge, Adventure Roulette, or Karol’s 48-hour e-book challenge, coming up with mini challenges and games makes achieving new things a lot more fun. This past week, I decided to see if I could reach an arbitrary goal […]