Fight Like Hell

Fight Like Hell

Sometimes trying to help people is discouraging.

Impossible Abs is a project we’ve been working on for a while. It’s a tough fitness program – I don’t try to hide that (It’s called Impossible Abs after all). Because of that, some people have seen some incredible results (more stories coming soon). Anyways, I don’t get a lot of refund requests, but they do happen. I understand for the most part and promptly refund things as part of my 100% guarantee, but sometimes the reasons people give make it tough. Not because I don’t want to give them a refund, but because some people give up so easily.

Here’s one email I got from someone a few days into the program:

I would like to take you up on your money back guarantee….It just didn’t “work” for me. I found the physical part difficult and the diet part very difficult.

Here’s an exact email I got about a week later from someone else:

I’m already down 7 pounds and I’ve never felt better. The first couple of days were hell, especially since I work at a very busy pizza place! But the worst are my friends, we are all in college and all they do is drink. But when there is a will, there is a way. I haven’t cheated once.

Guess who’s going to be successful?

“This is hard.”

So what.

Everything worth doing is hard.

It’s hard for everyone. The only difference is your mentality.

Fight like hell and change or go home and stay the same.

You choose.

Sometimes trying to help people is discouraging. The fighters make it all worth it.

The difference between impossible and the possible lies in a man’s determination. – Tommy Lasorda

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  1. Rita says

    Agreed. Sometimes helping people CAN be discouraging. Thankfully, there’s always at least one that makes it all worth while. Thanks for being that guy Joel.

    • Kayvee says

      Some people will never get ready to be helped…

      Some people are not yet ready to be helped

      Some people will be ready at another time when the pain/motivation/urge to change is greater

  2. says


    I like the comment in your post from the person asking for a refund. They seemed to be saying, “sure I’d like six-pack abs as long as it doesn’t involve diet or exercise.” :)

    Well, at it least it confirms the program works as long as the people do the work. It’s not like people are complaining they followed the program exactly as written and still didn’t get results.


  3. says

    Yeah, the first week was killer. I managed to lose 3 lbs though. In a way, the 2nd week was actually harder. I pushed myself so hard the 1st week that I couldn’t get in all my workouts on week 2 because one of my knees was so sore. Last week (my 5th on the program) was my best week to date… I lost 5.4 lbs from sunday to sunday!

    Now, 5 1/2 weeks into the program, adherence is easy. I have a few fantastically delicious recipes I rotate through (thankfully I like to cook!), and I really look forward to my morning workouts.

    As I near the end of the program and focus on a new fitness goal (probably building strength & size), I actually think it’s going to be difficult to break my Impossible Abs eating habits and eat enough food to grow!

  4. Deb Costello says

    The interesting part about “helping” people is that until they really want to be helped, nothing is going to happen. And when they are finally ready to be “helped” they really don’t need much help at all.

    Just keep walking the talk, pointing in the right direction, revealing the path. The most powerful thing you can do as a leader is to lead yourself. When people are ready, you’ll have already shown them the way.

    Never give up. Your words.

  5. Assaf says

    You have a great blogg.
    Inspairing me!

    It depande on what you look at, is it the people how wants there money back? Give it to them. You probably don’t want them here anyway.
    When you look at the right customers, thoses hwo inspire you, thoses who endorse you you feel better and you act better and stronger.

    There is always right and left, up and down, in and out as well as customers how like you and those how don’t.
    So what!

    Do what you want, do the imposible!

    Thanks for great work, for great blogg.


  6. Nikolai says

    Not everything is easy. If it was, everybody would do it. Some people expect the magic elixir in a bottle or pill that will strip away all the bad habits and consequences in seconds without exertion or sacrifice.

    Keep doing what you are doing, it works for the rest of us.

  7. says

    Wow, seriously?


    Yes, it’s difficult. The diet alone is difficult. Know what is more difficult? Watching my father slowly losing toes and circulation in his extremities due to diabetes and knowing that could well be me down the road unless I take action now.

    I’ll stick with the program, thanks very much.

  8. Stan Church says

    @Charon. I know the feeling. My Dad had his first heart attack at 60. I’m 58. I’ve got family members with weight issues. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far…and have another 10 to go to get to my ‘normal’ weight. This is week 8, but I’m going to continue…my life literally depends on it.

    Yes. It is work and I appreciate Joel not letting me off the hook with excuses.

    Oh yeah…a side benefit: I feel great. It’s nice being noticed a little by my wife, too. :-)


  9. says

    Part of the problem is with how ‘ab programs’ are sold. Despite yours being considerably different, people still believe what is in their head from the other programs: Six Second Abs or something else misleading and ridiculous. It’s hard. I might start selling a program called ‘Don’t be a pussy, and don’t buy this if you’re a pussy.’

    • says

      That’s a good point.

      I’ve made multiple statements of “this is hard’, “if you’re expecting an easy pill, you’re at the wrong place” but no matter what you say there’s always people looking for an easy route :).

  10. says

    I Love this post! I Love this Blog! Thanks so much for being an inspiration. I absolutely believe in the extraordinary powers of the mind. Our mental attitude is everything.

    Can you tell me – Do you know the story behind the picture at the top of this blog? It filled me with awe, gratitude and tears.


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