Impossible Abs 2.0 Is Here

It’s here…again!

After releasing Impossible Abs in August, we’ve had hundreds of people pick it up, put it into action and use it to lose a ton of of weight and change their lives.

Here are a few of their stories…

Toyah lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks.

I started on 27th September 2012. 3 weeks later I’d lost my first 10 kilos (22 pounds). The last 4 weeks I just lost a kilo a week (2.2 pounds/week). When I started I weighed 72kg and on week 8 I finished at 58kg (14 kg, 30.8 pounds lost). Your program doesn’t seem like it has any flaws to me, because it bloody worked a treat!! Haha

Peter lost 16.2 pounds.

For the past 8 weeks I’ve been (mostly) following the Impossible Abs program. I was determined to finish no matter how many mistakes I made, and I still lost 16.2lbs and that’s freaking amazing. Thanks for putting the program together and helping me lose weight!

Abigail lost 15 Pounds in 8 Weeks

I started my 8 week challenge at 159 pounds. I knew it would be tough, as I love a good cupcake (and make them) but I can do anything for 8 weeks! The first week of my sugar/carb hiatus I lost FIVE pounds. After those results the first week, I knew I had to keep it up. The next 7 weeks were difficult at times but Joel was keeping me accountable.

At the end of my 8 week challenge, October 8, 2012, I was down to 144 pounds, having lost 15 pounds and 3% body fat. And I’m back in my jeans!

Updates & Additions

While I’m ecstatic at the results people have seen, I really want to make this as comprehensive as possible and build something that not only lays out facts and helpful information but really answers the questions that people have.

As the first group went through the challenge, I noticed a few questions seemed to come up over repeatedly. In the guide, I talk over and over about how nutrition is the starting point for any point of fat loss, so we took that to heart in version 1.2 and really put a focus in on the nutritional side of things to really take away any doubt people had.

We also worked on creating even more of a blueprint for proper nutrition by providing a shopping list and sample meal plans for the first few weeks of the program to remove any remaining excuses you might run into while working on making a big life change. As a result, I’ve rewritten entire sections, clarified some and have some completely new parts to the program.

All in all, here’s what’s new in the updated version:

  • How It Works: Detailed Explanation of the Science BEHIND the Impossible Abs programming.
  • How To Get the Most out of the Impossible Abs
  • Post Program Maintenance Recommendations
  • 2 Week Sample Meal Plan
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • Revamped Eating Flow Chart
  • Simplified Overview of the principles of the program principles.

“No Meat” Options for V*gan & V*getarian Lifestyles

In addition to all that, we’re including the impossible abs “no-meat” options for you vegetarians and vegans out there who want to know how to tailor Impossible Abs to your lifestyle (thanks for being patient with me guys). The new “no meat option” includes the following contributions from Susan Lacke of & NoMeatAthlete.comEsther Oakley of

  • Plant Based Protein: Making Impossible Abs Work w/out Meat.
  • Vegan Protein Sources Visual Overview

And we didn’t just throw this in just for fun either. . Susan actually underwent the vegetarian protocol herself and lost 19 pounds and 3% body fat, so if you’re vegetarian or vegan and worried about the program working for you – don’t worry – it can!

We’ve also included a 4 more video interviews with Vic Magary and myself that you’ll receive bi-weekly as part of the challenge.

As you can see above, the results coming out of the initial batch of challengers is incredible. We’ve had people aged 22 – 58, lose anywhere from 15-45 pounds in just 8 weeks. I can’t wait to share more of their stories with you in the next few weeks, but you can see a few of them up on the site in the meantime.

Note that if you’ve already bought Impossible Abs, you’ll receive a download link with the update absolutely free. If you haven’t yet gotten the guide, know that there’s no change in price with the update, we’re just committed to making this the absolute best resource for losing fat and getting six pack abs (Whiners need not apply).

Get after it. Boom.

Get Impossible Abs Now.


  1. Leonardo Moreno says

    You can add me to the list! After 8 weeks on the program i lost 13 pounds, the main change was fat loss and my appearance, since i wasn’t already “big”.

    Thank you for the program, and for the change in attitude it has caused me.

    I quit it because i have other goals right now, mainly to gain lean mass, and i wasn’t able to do it with this specific program.

    But, loved it anyway! Cheers!

  2. Cam says

    I just signed up…and I start this Sunday. I can’t wait! Everything Joel has put together looks GREAT! Very professional guy!


  1. […] Impossible HQ has transformed my life. I hesitate to type this, because I don’t want to give my friend Joel Runyon a big head! Im all seriousness, Joel challenges people to do the Impossible in their life, whatever that might be. For me, it was getting control of my diet and weight. Joel helped me realize it was possible to drop around 70lbs in a year and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He won’t be satisfied until I have abs, but neither will I. […]

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