Impossible Abs Is Here!

Impossible Abs

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited today.

After 6 months of planning, testing, programming, some more testing, a ton of work and even more anticipation, it’s finally here.

As promised, Impossible Abs is now live. This project will help you burn fat, kill your excuses and get six pack abs through a zero-excuses 8-week fitness program designed to work anywhere in the world without fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership.

You can read more or pick up your own copy here (There’s a special bonus only for those who pick up the program within the first week!)


After designing the program around my six pack transformation, we ran Impossible Abs through some beta testers over the last few months. It’s still early, but in a few short months, we’ve seen some incredible results already:

  • Justin lost 30 pounds in 2 months
  • Michael lost 22 pounds in 3 weeks
  • Abigail lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks.

Here’s all the legal mumbo jumbo about results not being typical, etc (yadda yadda yadda), but I’ve found that each person who committed to the program and stuck with it, saw results.

3 Main Options

In order to make this available to as many people as possible, we’ve created three different versions of the guide in order to serve those with different goals, needs and budgets. The middle CHALLENGE version is my personal favorite (surprise), but make your own decision. We have a basic training program for the do-it-yourselfers out there and a  personalized coaching option for people who want one-on-one attention throughout the challenge. There’s also an experience option which is available on  a very limited basis to challenge & coaching members by application only due to it’s expense and complexity.

Usually, this is where most people will say it’s available for the next 10 minutes only and if you click off the page, you’ll get 20 banners asking you to stay.

There’s no artificial timer and no pop-up windows if you try to leave, but if you pick up the program in the first week, you’ll be invited to a special webinar where you can ask Vic and myself any question you like.

Like everything I do, there’s a 100% satisfaction guaranteed with Impossible Abs. If you’re not happy with your results, just let me know and I’ll send you a prompt refund.

On top of all that, we’ll be allocating a portion of all revenue will go towards building our #Impossible school charity project with Pencils of Promise.

If you want to burn fat, kill your excuses and get six pack abs, you don’t need an expensive gym membership or any fancy equipment. We’ve designed this program to be done anywhere in the world. The only thing holding you back, is whether you want to do it or not.

There are no more excuses.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it

If you want Impossible Abs,  you can get it here.

Go do something impossible.



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  1. Mat Y says

    I plan on getting this for sure. I’ve been going off of what I know of the plan already and I’ve lost 12 pounds in the last 3 weeks. That’s just by changing the diet and incorporating some extra body weight exercises. Hopefully the full plan will push me even harder to get the results I really want!

  2. Matheus says

    Curious about us skinny guys looking to gain mass and potentially get a six pack. Everything I’ve read so far is about losing weight and shedding pounds.

    • says

      Hey Matheus – this is definitely a program focused on weight loss.

      While throughout the program, I gained strength, I didn’t necessarily gain muscle mass.

      I would say if you’re looking to gain weight, I would hold off on buying this. While it certainly can help with changing your body composition, it’s not going to put tons of size on you.

      I’ll be doing a muscle/strength bulk-up program within the next 6 months – so if you want to hold off till then, I’ll have it ready for you then. Hope that helps!

  3. Fr. Chris says

    Joel, just got ImpossibleAbs today. I’m ready to go! I’ve been doing the Insanity program for a long time but I definitely need the diet component. Many thanks and I look forward to the next 8 weeks.

  4. says

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) Is it possible to upgrade between versions? Say I start with the basic and love it and want to upgrade to the challenge to get the extra goodies, is that doable?

    2) In the Challenge version, you mention getting an exclusive t-shirt for completing the challenge. What exactly does “completing the challenge” mean, and how do you/we track that? What exactly is “The Challenge”?

    Thanks! I’m already shedding fat at a pretty good pace with a mostly-paleo diet and a workout at my neighborhood park, and I have a feeling that this program will really put my progress into overdrive.

    • says

      1) There’s no “official” upgrade path yet, but if you email me afterwards, we’ll get it set up.
      2) The challenge in 8 weeks of emails. It’s a self-directed challenge where you document your progress throughout the program. If you keep up with the program workouts, document it and send it in along with a few other details, then you’ve “completed” the challenge.

      Let me know if you have any other questions Jim!

  5. Matt says

    been reading about impossibleabs – very interested – one question – the literature – is it a printed book(s) you receive or digital download? thanks for your time(and congrats on your huge results in 8 weeks!)

    – Matt

  6. Tim says

    Hey Joel, just curious because I recently read on your about page that you would never make a dime from this blog. Why did that change?

  7. says

    Hi Joel,

    On day two and made it through my jump rope interval. More than a little humbled that my core strength is so compromised (couldn’t get the knees anywhere near the elbows today), and when I looked back over the workout protocol, I found that it only alternates between knees to elbows and hanging static holds for abs.

    My first question is, since you have numerous other ab specific exercises detailed, would it work as well if I substituted or added one or more of the extra exercises to my interval days? Especially since it looks like I need to work up to the knees to elbows (Did I mention this is humbling for someone who was a floor gymnast in high school? But this is one of the reasons I’m doing it)?

    Also I’m wondering how to calculate protein requirements since requirements are mentioned in the nutrition protocol, but never elaborated on. I’ve been Paleo / Primal for over a year and I go by 1 gram per pound of LEAN body weight. I’m mainly asking for others who might be wondering the same thing after reading over the material.

    Thanks in advance and for all that you do.

    • says

      The other specified ab exercises are meant as alternates or “extras” on other days. That will be clarified in an upcoming update.

      1 gram per pound of Lean body weight is a good metric. If you have trouble with that, you can guesstimate it by approximating a piece of meat as big as your first. That’s also going to be in an upcoming update.

  8. Samantha says

    Looks great Joel! I love the Paleo approach to life. As soon as I start earning money again in a couple of weeks, I’ll grab my copy =) (especially with some of the proceeds going to our Guatemalan school!)

    Watch out Aussie beaches, Sam’s going to hit you this summer with abs 😉


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