Impossible Gear Is Back!

The last few months I’ve been getting email after email:

  • Why can’t I buy Impossible shirts right now?
  • Where’s the Impossible gear store gone?
  • When am I going to be able get a new shirt? I’ve worn my old one out.

(Yes, these were all real emails.)

Email after email. I had to respond: “They’re coming. Don’t worry. Just be patient.”

Well, the waiting is over.

FINALLY, Impossible Gear is back in stock.

Impossible Gear

Well, what happened?

Long story short, we switched apparel providers. And, while there’s a limitless number of printers willing to promise to make you shirts, there’s a much smaller number that actually follow through. The number gets even smaller when it comes to printers who will print and fulfill your orders for you without requiring you to go, create and immediatley sign away your first born child.

I went through five or six vendors, trying to find a provider that met my quality standards and the track record for the work I was looking to do. After a lot of vetting, and way too long of a wait, we’re finally set up, and all good to go. I’ll write about the process another time, but, right now, let’s just say that we’re not only going to be able to offer better apparel, but we’re going to be able to offer it faster, with more options as well. #boom

On top of that, we’ve got new designs in stock and ready to go as well. If you head over to the store, you can check out the gear. Here’s what’s in stock right now:

Blue Impossible Shirts


Grey (alternative) Impossible Shirts


Women’s Blue Impossible Tanks


You’ll also see a limited edition “BLACK” impossible shirt. These can’t be bought – only earned.


So get to it.

We’ll also be featuring more and more people out in the field (the real world) crossing things off their impossible lists, and doing the impossible.

So, after months of waiting, I’m happy to say that you can finally head over to to pick up some gear today.


Stay tuned for more designs, more apparel items, and more everything impossible coming soon!

Please note – due to some supply limits – we’re out of stock of Women’s tanks at the moment. But don’t let that stop you! You can place your order and it will be fulfilled – it just may run a few weeks behind the rest of the shirts.

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  1. says

    That blue shirt is one of the softest, best fitting t-shirts I’ve ever owned. I also feel like a mo-fo badass when I wear it. #boom

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