The Podcast is Back: Introducing Impossible FM

Last year we launched BBSF (Bigger Better Stronger Faster) podcast with my buddy Johnny B Truant. We did a few dozen episodes and discontinued it due to Johnny and I having different focuses for our individual businesses.

That said, we both had a great time doing the actual podcast and the response to the podcast format was great and I enjoyed so much that I’m jumping back in and doing it again.

Today we’re introducing IMPOSSIBLE FM – the brand new impossible podcast.

In the podcast – you’ll find me riffing with friends on the topics of fitness, business and gritness and how you can push your limits and do the impossible in your day-to-day life. Think about it as the audio version of this site – that you can take with you on the go and listen to on the way to work every day.

While I’ll have friends on the show to chat, this won’t be a strict interview podcast at all – much less formal, lots more fun and hopefully a lot more useful. I like to think of it like it as a weekly hang out session with friends doing incredible things and reverse-engineering those things

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The First Few Episodes

If you want to get a taste of what’s to come – check out the first few live episodes of Impossible FM.

Ways To Listen To The Show

You can see all podcasts here on IMPOSSIBLE.

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  1. WW says

    This is awesome. I’m so glad you started the podcast again. I just listened to the first one and it sounds like you are going to be hitting a lot of topics I’m interested in hearing more about. This is one of my favorite sites and I cant wait to get more content!

  2. davidd says

    So stoked about this! Time to bust out the iPod… and start running… again! I’ll check it out this weekend!

    Will there be Rubik’s Cube tips? 😉

  3. says

    Is there anything that you don’t do?!? It still amazes me at how much you’ve accomplished here in the past few years. Inspiring is an understatement..

  4. Martin Gebhardt says

    I’m one of those listeners of BBSF who liked the podcast very much and were quite unhappy to hear you stopping it. Still, although I was always thinking: “Hey, I should give you some positive feedback…”, actually I never did.
    So I’m really looking forward to the new podcast. And after you’ve revised your decision, maybe I’ll revise mine, too. :-)


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