Just Run

Yesterday, I got an facebook message from a friend who’s lost over 50 pounds on Impossible Abs and was having a hard time doing that day’s workout.

Michael: I want to run, but it’s freaking raining out….what do I do?

Me: Run

Michael: It’s pouring…like…literally downpour.

Me: Well did you want to run?

Michael: Ya, but only because it was convenient for me…I get it.

Me: You asked

5 minutes later I got this:

I’m not sure where he got his waterproof phone to tweet in the rain, but the point stands – he did it

So the next time you’re tempted to ask, “what should I do?”

You probably already know. The answer is just simply than you’d like to admit.

Tip: Also, if you feel like working out in a thunderstorm, the first 5 minutes will probably suck, after that you’ll probably feel like a badass – just out in the middle of the rain – getting soaked while sprinting for no apparent reason is surprisingly fun.

Here is the only motivation to work out you’ll ever need.

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  1. Ryan says

    Very timely that you posted this for everyone to read. Just last night I ran in what felt like a monsoon. Driving wind, sideways rain, normal people would consider it bad conditions. I loved every minute of it. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time.

  2. says

    Love this post and could not agree more. Starting isn’t half the battle for most people, it’s 90% of the battle. The ones who consistently start, the ones who consistently show up – they are the heroes. They’re the ones who prove to everyone else that the impossible is possible.

  3. Andrew Tucker says

    Running in the rain is awesome. Here in Seattle if you waited for no rain you would run about 6 times a year. Embrace the suck – run in the rain!

  4. says

    Oh very true, and not just for decisions about whether you should do something. Many times when I have a decision to make, I know what answer I will go with but I’m just trying to validate it.

    Love the quote about excuses. Nice!

  5. Joey says

    I have been faced with this as well, and I found that mindlessly putting on my shoes and just going for it usually snaps me out of it, and I feel so much better after I am done. I would also like to say that I find myself quoting your blog all the time these days, and you have definately helped me stop making excuses and start making changes…..day 3 of 10 minute cold shower therapy, and I AM embracing the suck! Thanks Joel, and keep up the good work!


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