Question Everything


Cosmos relaunched last week. I don’t typically watch much TV, but it’s a great show. The central question driving the entire project is one statement: question everything. Questioning all of your assumptions is a good scientific principle and makes for a good jump-off point for a science show, but it’s also a good approach to […]

Be Better Than A Lab Rat


Be Better Than A Lab Rat There’s a lot of studies out there now what we can learn from lab rats. How you can find motivation, form habits & improve yourself through studies done on lab rats. Related: My buddy Maneesh is building a startup based around training yourself to move closer to your goals […]

The Worst Run Ever (How To Deal With An “Off” Day)

stand up 8

Sunday was a bad day. I’m in the progress of training for a new super-secret project, so I’ve been ramping up my running mileage recently (to satisfy my addiction to pain). Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working with my coach to increase my mileage. For the last few weeks, I’ve more or less […]

A Beginners Guide To Parkinson’s Law: How To Do More Stuff By Giving Yourself Less Time


This post is part of a series on productivity laws and actionable ways to incorporate them into your work in order to simultaneously become more efficient and elevate your work to a higher level. If you’ve spent any sort of time reading about productivity hacks, you’ve probably run across Parkinson’s Law before. You might know […]

My 97 Things (Or How I Moved Across The Country With Just 3 Bags)


My 97 Things I’ve wanted to count and document all of my things for some time now. I remember reading Colin’s site almost four years ago and seeing his All 72 Things I Own post and thinking, “I want to do that at some point.” A few days ago I packed my entire life into about […]

A Beginner’s Guide To The 80/20 Principle

Business Pareto

80/20 In A Nutshell You don’t need to do everything. You only need to do the things that get results. You can either think that’s unfair or you can use it to your advantage. If you’re reading this, you’re one of the smart people who will choose to harness the energy of this principle rather […]