S1E2: How Kyle Maynard Bear Crawled Up Mt. Kilimanjaro


If there was a list of people most qualified to talk about resilience, Kyle Maynard would be at the top. Born without arms and legs, Kyle has been tackling mountains, both figurative and literal, one step at a time. He’s literally crawled to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African Continent, does…  continue reading > 


If you’re trying to do something impossible, don’t fall into the trap of telling yourself “someday.” Every time I see someone settle for “someday” – I want to shake them. Saving up and planning for the future is a great investment strategy – it’s a terrible strategy for life. Putting off what you want to…  continue reading > 

Why I’m Going to be Talking More About Business


Every Friday for the next quarter, I will be posting a business related blog post. The word “business” is a bit formal for me, so I’m going to be using the word “hustle” instead. There’s 3 main reasons why: The #1 Way To Freedom is Business If you want to get your own freedom, the…  continue reading > 

How To Hack Your Mornings with a Morning Routine (Plus a Peek Into My Morning Schedule)


I have a hate/hate relationship with mornings. It’s not that I love sleeping, I just hate waking up. I would stay up all night if it meant I didn’t have to spend the next day walking around in a haze and pounding Runa like they sponsor me (speaking of which, anyone know how we can…  continue reading > 

S1E1: Face Your Fear & Get Into the Arena


This is the first episode in a brand new series where we take a deep dive into studying resilience. What exactly IS resilience? What does it take to become more resilient? Why are some people able to go through insane setbacks and problems, and keep pushing on well after the point where they “should have…  continue reading > 

My New Podcast (And Why I’m Doing It Completely Different This Time Around)


I’ve had an on and off relationship with podcasting. I did one for a short period of time with Johnny B. Truant. I’ve done short stints for my own Impossible FM series, but nothing felt “right.” So I took some time off and tried to figure out what was up. I realized that I like…  continue reading >