I’m Jumping Off A Bridge at WDS…Who’s Coming With Me?


I’m jumping off a bridge in Portland this July before a certain unrelated conference on world domination. Want to come with me? I’m taking 30 people max. Sign up below.

What? You want details before jumping off a bridge to your very likely, but not-so–very-likely-death?

Fine. Here you go.

The 2nd annual completed unrelated and entirely unofficial WDS 2012 Plummet at the Summit adventure.

July 6th, 2012 – 10am. Outside Portland, Oregon.

You + up to 29 other people

Why 29 other people? Because adventures are approximately 100x more fun with other people. Sure you can go bungee jumping by yourself, but you can’t always go bungee jumping with 29 other awesome people who you’ve just met.

Here’s the deal. Cost is $160 for 2 jumps. Sign up here.

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Why am I doing this?

Here’s the backstory. Last year I told people I was going skydiving, and ended up taking 40 people jumping with me. It was a ton of fun, a little bit crazy and 40 people did something they had been wanting to do their entire life. I figured it was such a good time for everyone involved – why not do it again?

This year, we’re taking a slightly smaller group of 30 people to jump off of a bridge, have the experience of a lifetime and cross something off your impossible list.

What’s included in the ticket price.

What’s included:

  • 2 Bungee Jumps and possible death
  • 1 special edition Impossible Adventures Shirt
  • Experience of a lifetime (included free of charge)

What’s not included:

  • Transportation
  • Lunch
  • Photos (Bring $20 cash if you want 25-50 high quality videos of you jumping)

We will all meet together before caravanning to the jump zone, and we’ll do our best to get everyone carpooled up, but we’re not guaranteeing you a ride (Hint: if you got a car, bring it – you’ll need it!). If you’re going to a certain completely unrelated Portland conference later that evening, don’t worry you’ll be back in plenty of time for the opening ceremonies.

What shirt do I get?

The shirt is a special edition of the impossible shirt. It’s a special edition fo the the trademarked impossible shirt on the front and the ridiculously awesome Plummet at the Summit on the back thanks to Emily Belyea. Thanks Em! Unlike the other impossible shirts – you can’t buy this shirt – you have to jump to experience it.

Plummet at the Summit 2012

Why Bungee?

Skydiving is fun, but you’re strapped to a tandem instructor for the experience and they’re the ones that jump, pull the chute and steer your down to the ground. You choose to go up in the plane, but you don’t choose to jump out of it. Bungee is different.

Bungee is all about choice. You don’t have an instructor jumping out of the plane for you with you attached for the ride. You’re the one standing on the ledge, looking down (even though they tell you not to), and you’re the one that gets to choose to either leap off or crawl back over the railing. You have to decide to jump for yourself.

Some people do it. Some people don’t. But you get to choose.

I’m jumping off a bridge in Portland at WDS. Who’s coming with me?

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– Joel

Also, this officially marks the start of Impossible Adventures. If you can’t make it to Portland this summer, click here and sign up for future adventures we’ll be doing :).

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  1. Asia says


    I have no car, no way to get down there, and I will have to quit my job in order to go because they won’t give me the time off!

    See ya there :)

  2. says

    Ahhh – I really, really want to but something is holding me back. Not sure what…

    Also, what time do you anticiapte we would be getting back into Portland? Afternoonish?

  3. Erica says

    Everything says I shouldn’t……But I learned the “everything” is wrong!!!!! Now if only I could raise the funds before it sells out!!!!

  4. says

    so, chris sends out an e-mail and 5 minutes later i’m sending my money to dr. kevorki…er, joel.

    dibs on begin somewhere toward the end. y’know, after a few bodies are piled up to make the landing softer.

  5. Nicole Foo says

    Hopefully registration won’t fill up too quickly! I’m checking on my plans for that Friday, but I’m definitely in if we’re there on time!! :)

  6. says

    If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you too?


    I’ve been skydiving (which was amazing), but never gone bungie jumping before. Awesome. Let’s cross this off the bucket list!

  7. says

    Hey Joel I accidentally submitted my CC information and confirmed payment. Can I take it back?

    Oh so excited for this Jump!!

  8. says

    My default programming is non compatible with choosing to jump off bridges. COmpute jumpy jump. errrrrr. Me have ticket: Me must hack circuitry to choose JUMP. 001011011… Me program need input: How stoned is the bridge? Is the bungee strapped to the feet or waist?

  9. says

    Registered. See you there! 😀
    Also, I’m a professional photographer, and am willing to sell photos of people jumping if they want it :)


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