The Plummet at the Summit is Back (2014)

I’m jumping off a bridge at WDS…who’s coming with me?

Yup – that’s right – The Plummet at the Summit is back.

Warning: Comfort-zone seekers turn back now

After one year off, we’re back to jumping off high things at WDS. For the uninitiated, the Plummet at the Summit is the annual bungee jumping event that we do in Portland in July. It coincides with the day before WDS (World Domination Summit) put on by my friend Chris Guillebeau. You can read about the previous plummets here: Plummet 2012 | Plummet 2011 (Bungee) | Plummet 2011 (Skydive). It’s real-life practice in doing sh*t that scares you. Oh, and it’s an awesome time. If you’re wondering whether it’s an awesome time or not – you can get an idea of what it’s like from the photos below:

It’s a not-so-well-kept secret that the Impossible group is unofficially the official crazy group at the conference (apparently hurling yourself towards death isn’t something that Chris’ legal team likes to associate itself with) but so we’re jumping right on that and we’ll be jumping to our deaths. And we’re pumped about it.

If you’ve wanted to go bungee jumping in the past – this is the perfect chance to finally get it knocked off your impossible list. Plus, you’ll meet 25 of your new best friends who are at least as nuts (or more so) than you and will launch your weekend better than anything else. Why we’re doing bungee jumping:

Like cold showers, bungee Jumping is a great real-life metaphor for doing stuff you’re scared of. You can stand on the ledge as long as you want, but until you jump off the cliff you’ll never find out if the rope will hold you. You have to jump to find out.

If you haven’t come with us before – people rave about it and it’s a great way to kick off the conference weekend. I mean, look at the photo below – does it look like I’m having a bad time?


What’s You Get:

  • 2 Jumps To Your (Not-So-Certain) Death
  • Special Edition IMPOSSIBLE Shirt
  • A % of each ticket will go towards Pencils of Promise.
  • 25 New Best Friends
  • The best way to launch your WDS weekend.
  • Cost: $160

Cost: $160 Limit: The First 25 People That Sign Up Sound like a good time? Click on my screaming face in the photo above to get registered.

Want to hurl yourself off a bridge? It’s the best way to launch your WDS Weekend. 

I’m jumping off a bridge at WDS – who’s coming with me?

Register Here –> Plummet at the Summit 2014 (aka Jump Off A Bridge and Try Not To Die)

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  1. says

    This will be my first WDS and I’ve been wanting to add bungee jumping to the list of things I’ve done. Count me in!

  2. Brian says

    Just changed my flights with JetBlue so I could be there in time for the big plummet! First time in Portland, first time at WDS, might as well also be my first time bungie jumping. The GoPro is already charging 😀 ~Brian

  3. says

    Bah, I have to miss this again! I’ll be at WDS this year, but unless there’s a way to change a flight to be a day earlier without paying a gajillion dollars…

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