Shut Up And Run

This was one of the posts that I ingrained into my head while running Comrades marathon and one of the mantras I kept in mind throughout the whole course. The post is originally at “Also Ran Runners.” Many thanks to them for allowing me to repost this.

The most important thing about running is running! “Shut up and run” is the answer to just about any running woe you may encounter. This is as much a part of your mental preparation as it is a part of your physical preparation. It is an overruling mechanism for a whole host of running situations. In a way it is the ultimate running mantra.

  • When it’s raining and you don’t want to get out there – shut up and run!
  • When you’ve been on the road for x number of hours and you’re about ready to give up – shut up and run!
  • When a marshal sends you the wrong way during a race – shut up and run!
  • When a water table runs out of water/coke – shut up and run!
  • When you lose your bottle of special “muti” – shut up and run!
  • When your running watch stops working – shut up and run!
  • When your alarm goes off at 4.30am in the morning – shut up and run!

I trust you see where I am going with this. If you want to succeed out there on the road you need to shut up and run!


Shut up and run via Also Ran Runners

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