Start Your New Years Resolutions Today


Start your New Years Resolutions Today

If you’re serious about your new years resolutions. Start them today.

You don’t need permission.

You don’t need a new year.

You don’t need a new week.

You don’t need to tell anybody.

You just need to start.

Climb a mountain & tell no one.

Blackmail yourself if you need to.




If your new years resolution is fitness related, you can download the no excuses workout for fr**. Get after it.

photo credit: Stuck in Customs

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  1. Katelyn says

    Yes, agree! I was so inspired by your Impossible List that I made my own and I’ve started setting the smaller goals into motion. Working out gets me amped, but I’ve been even more excited and more competitive lately now that I’ve zoned in on specific goals. Right now, it’s 150 KB (12kg) swings in 5mins, 15 consecutive chin ups, and 20 intervals of 20 sec on/30 sec off of sprints at 12mph (I can do 10 now – halfway there).

    Thanks for the daily inspiration. I only want to live a life worth living.

    Woot woot!


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