A Few Short Updates From Switzerland

Greetings from Switzerland.

I arrived in the beautiful town of Davos yesterday.

It’s a sleepy little mountain town with some of the most picturesque mountain scenery you could imagine.

Stuff like this everywhere you look.

Tomorrow I’m running the Swiss Alpine K42 – a high alpine race and the highest marathon in Europe. I’m adding it on top of the Comrades ultra marathon in South Africa I ran last month in order to prepare for a new project coming to light on August 12th.

I’ve been teasing this out for a while, but it’s finally coming to fruition. If things seem quiet around here, it’s mostly because I’ve been heads down, trying to get this all together. It’s the biggest project I’ve launched on Impossible to date and easily the toughest challenge I’ve taken on personally in my life. But enough about what’s coming.

Tomorrow’s race is what matters at the moment. Let’s go.

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p.p.s. The other day, our sister site – Ultimate Paleo Guide released a new paleo food app – Paleo.io – that helps you make paleo friendly food decisions. You can pick it up on iTunes for .99 cents (and don’t worry Android users, your version is coming soon!)

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