This Simple Exercise Made Me A Better Runner (and Only Takes 10 Minutes)


Over the last couple of months, I’ve been doing a lot of recovery work. After getting my tendon messed up during the first race of the 777 project, I realized that I’m going to have to do a lot of active recovery in order to stay healthy while putting my body through hell. I’m not […]

The 2 Bags I’ve Traveled Around The World With

I traveled A LOT in 2014. And these two bags have completely changed my travel experience. I used them extensively, both internationally and locally for when I’m in San Diego and Chicago. Both bags are on my list of 97 things, and I frequently (and enthusiastically) recommend them to anyone looking for a superior travel bag. These two […]

The No Limits Diet


I tentatively wanted to name this post “Then eat the damn donut.” Ever since creating Impossible Abs and writing extensively about the paleo diet, I’ve run into literally thousands of questions and comments from people about food. Most of them revolve around some sort of “restriction” or “avoidance”. After a while, it gets kind of sad […]

The Worth It Rule

When trying to make a big change, a lot of people focus on all the things they’ll have to restrict to achieve a goal. “In order to do this, I can’t do that (etc., etc., etc.,)” In the short term that approach can work well, but in the long term it can lead to a series […]

The Two Phrases You Should Never Use


There are two phrases you should never use if you’re going to live an impossible life. I’ve started a mini-moratorium on using these words in my personal vocabulary and I hope you will do the same. “I’m Bored” This might be the saddest statement I’ve ever said (or heard). “Bored” Feeling weary because one is […]

Impossible Hoodies Are Now Available


TLDR: Impossible Hoodies are available for pre-order starting today. Get your pre-order in right here. Today we’re launching something you guys have been asking for for years! The Impossible Hoodie is finally here! Here’s what it looks like: Printed on high quality, California zip-hoodies by American Apparel, these Impossible Hoodies will keep you toasty warm this […]