Impossible Hoodies Are Now Available


TLDR: Impossible Hoodies are available for pre-order starting today. Get your pre-order in right here. Today we’re launching something you guys have been asking for for years! The Impossible Hoodie is finally here! Here’s what it looks like: Printed on high quality, California zip-hoodies by American Apparel, these Impossible Hoodies will keep you toasty warm this […]

How I Wrote 2 E-Books in 1 Week


How I Wrote Two E-Books in One Week I love gamifying life. Whether it’s through something like The Atlantic Challenge, Adventure Roulette, or Karol’s 48-hour e-book challenge, coming up with mini challenges and games makes achieving new things a lot more fun. This past week, I decided to see if I could reach an arbitrary goal […]



Recalculating A few weeks back, I went on a trip to LA a few weeks back with my best friend. We threw our destination address into Google Maps and started following the directions for another adventure. At one point, we missed a turn and our Google Maps monotone navigator got to announce somewhat passive aggressively, […]

Impossible Freedom

I was talking with a friend the other day about addiction. It’s an interesting topic because I think that I have a fairly addictive personality. Thankfully, I spend most of that energy on slightly less dangerous activities than hard drugs – such as skydiving, running long distances and other worldwide adventures However, the idea of an […]

Impossible FM #017: The Simple Message I Need To Hear Over & Over Again

Today’s podcast is a short episode about a simple message I need to hear over & over & over again. Ways to Listen To This Episode Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Click the player at the top of the page Links mentioned in the show The 777 Project Patagonia – Race #1 – The […]

The 777 Project – Race #1 – The Patagonia International Marathon (63km)


I’m safely back in San Diego. After tackling trains, flights, layovers, bus rides, truck rides, shuttles, and loads more forms of transport, I’ve finally had the time to put together a massive 777 update for you. It’s a doozy, but here’s the good and the bad news: The good news: Race 1/7 is in the bag and I’m […]