Learning To Celebrate The Wins (Plus a HUGE Thank You)

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One of the hardest things I have to learn is how to actually celebrate the good things that happen in life. When something ships on time or goes great, I, like many people, dismiss it out of hand and tell myself, “Finally, something went right,” then move on to the next thing. Meanwhile, anything that… continue reading

7 Day Integrity Challenge

It’s 4am and I cannot sleep. I got my tinted glassed on, taken magnesium and nada. Zilch. It’s been an issue for a little while now, and while I’m naturally a night-time person, I’ve found that sometimes, when I can’t sleep – it’s not a physiological problem, it’s psychological. In other words, there’s some idea bouncing… continue reading

How To Harness The Power Of Reference Points – A Practical Guide To Pushing Your Limits

Today’s topic is something that I’ve talked a lot about – pushing your limits. I’ve talked about this a thousand times in various interviews, but I’ve never written it down anywhere on the site. Today, that changes. Buckle up – this one’s a doozy. How To Push Your Limits – The Power of Reference Points… continue reading

50 Years For 70 Bucks


A year or so ago, I was driving through Yellowstone National Park with my brother. Snow had piled up quite high and there was an avalanche warning in effect as long as the sun was up – so all the cars coming into the park had to wait until sunset to pass through. We parked… continue reading

Concerning “Real Life”

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Over the past few months, I’ve received a lot of emails that say something like this: “What you’re doing is cool but, you know, eventually you have to come back to real life. You can’t do this forever…” This isn’t new. When I started this blog, people said the same thing, but it seems to have picked up even… continue reading

Productivity Advice From My 16 Year Old Self


I didn’t realize it then, but when I was in high school, I was somehow crazy productive. I sometimes look back and wonder how I fit everything all in. I did basketball, volleyball, 2-a-days, school, advanced classes, honors society, music, and friends – all at once. And I still had free time to jack around –… continue reading