Every time you do something impossible, a little voice in the back of your head pipes up. Sometimes the voice is loud. Sometimes it’s soft. But it’s always there. I’m not fast enough to run an ultra marathon. I don’t have the kind of body you need to get abs or lose weight. I don’t have rich […]

The 2014 Plummet at the Summit in Photos


A few years ago, I wanted to jump out of an airplane and go skydiving to cross it off my impossible list – but I was to scared to do it on my own. So I decided to just say I was going to do it at WDS – the World Domination Summit in Portland […]

Impossible FM #010: WDS, A New Paleo App and A Super Secret Upcoming Project

paleo app

In today’s episode, we have a bit of a teaser episode as I talk about the past weekend at WDS, a recent app launch with our sister site – Ultimate Paleo Guide – and a big, new super secret project that I can’t reveal the details of yet. Shhh! Enjoy! Links mentioned in this show: […]

Impossible FM #009: The Real “1 Weird Trick” for Massive Fat Loss with Patrick Hitches (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)


In this episode, I sit down with Patrick “MUSCLES” Hitches to talk about massive fat loss using unconventional techniques that no one is really talking about. Don’t worry – there aren’t any supplements, strange routines, or special products to buy. In fact, this stuff is really, really  basic – so basic that most people overlook it. […]

The 10 Most Impossible Ultra Marathons on The Planet


Four yeas ago, I started IMPOSSIBLE when I signed up to do my first ever triathlon. Back then, this was a big deal. I’d never run more than three miles in one go before and actually finishing a triathlon seemed impossible. So much so that my first triathlon was indoor because I figured it’d be […]

Impossible FM #008: Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Dr. Oz BS and 3 Things That Are More Effective Than Bogus Supplements with Vic Magary


In today’s episode, Vic Magary joins me as we talk about Dr. Oz’s meeting with Congress including some of the ridiculous “supplements” he promoted including green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones and a load of other BS. We also talk about 3 things that you can add to your fitness lifestyle tomorrow to get better […]