Floating in the Dark: Inside a Sensory Deprivation Tank

float tank nothing

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with weird things that I’ve never heard of and that sound interesting. One week it was a cryotherapy chamber. The next it was a sensory deprivation tank. If it sounds like a torture device, that’s because it combines a lot of things I don’t like: Darkness, lots of nothing and a…  continue reading > 

Mobility For The Everyman: How 15 Minutes Could Improve Your Life


News Flash: Mobility work is here and it’s here to stay. Sure, it feels like a car is backing up over all your vital muscle groups, but it WORKS. I’ve written about ways to become a better athlete previously, but there’s a similar, simpler and even more effective way to improve your life – whether…  continue reading > 

3 Minutes at Negative 100 Degrees Celsius: My Introduction To Cryotherapy

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.48.19 AM

I walked by the Onnit booth at PaleoFx in Austin this year and stopped to chat. There were seemingly 100+ booths there this year, but I wanted to chat with Onnit. They’re endorsed by Joe Rogan and a bunch of other athletes. I knew about their supplements, but didn’t know much else. I don’t push…  continue reading > 

Writer’s Freedom

A lot of people talk about writer’s block. The idea that you either can’t come up with something to write or don’t know what to write about. I’ll cut to the chase on this topic – I think it’s bull. Most people don’t have writer’s block. They have writer’s fear. They’re scared to produce. They’re…  continue reading > 

How To Fix Muscle Pain, Get Stronger and Move Better – Introducing The MoveWell App

movewell - impossible ventures

Yesterday, we launched our 3rd app – MoveWell – the personal mobility coach you can take with you anywhere. It’s the fastest way to feel better in 15 minutes or less and it’s free. Today I’m going to share exactly why we built the app and some of the goals I had in creating MoveWell….  continue reading > 

Lessons From The 7 Day Integrity Challenge

7 Days. Done. 7 days of gym and 7 days of mobility work on a foam roller. #boom The past 7 days have been sort of meditative for me. And besides realizing I have a ton of tension through my mid-back and abductors, I discovered a few other things about myself as well. Taking Care…  continue reading >