Impossible: The Manifesto

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Impossible: The Manifesto

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Finally, it’s here.

–>You can now download your very own copy of Impossible: The Manifesto. (Click to open or right click to download the PDF. Download the kindle version and ePub version here).

What is the Impossible Manifesto?

The Impossible Manifesto is a challenge to push your limits, live a life worth writing about and do the impossible. More than anything though, it’s a challenge to stop waiting around for life to happen and do something. Anything.

What’s In It?

I’m not big into promoting word counts or page numbers (they really don’t mean anything anyways) and I have better things to do than try and convince you that the number of characters on a page mean more than the quality of them. The bottom line is that this will take you less than 20 minutes to read. In it you’ll find the following things:

  • A Closer Look Into My Story
  • The Question That Changed Everything For Me
  • What Limits Really Are
  • Three Stories From People Who Literally Did the Impossible.
  • The Fear Barometer (and How to Make Scary Decisions)

Along with a few other really important concepts I wanted to include.

Where Can I Get It?

You can download it for free right here. Just right click to download the pdf version, kindle version or ePub version. You can also get it on amazon if you prefer.

Spread The Word

I usually refrain from asking people for favors, but I would love to hear what you think about the manifesto. Leave a comment below with your thoughts and pass the link along to a friend or two if you think it’s worth their time and review the manifesto on Amazon. Also, you can tweet or stumble this using the buttons below, by doing so you can help this reach more people. Thanks.

Enjoy the manifesto. Keep doing something impossible.


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  1. btfy says

    Amazing. Just what I needed to hear today. I have just moved to another Country and I am trying to start a business which does, some days seem impossible. But now I am just going to go ahead and do it…and maybe sign up for a marathon. No not maybe definitely :)

  2. says

    Loving the heading on the Limits section. Excellent manifesto and, yes, it tells a great story. Hope the message spreads and more people recognise how fragile and often completely invented our ‘limits’ are. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Santiago Rial says

    Hey Joel! Just read the whole thing at once (saw it through Colin Wright’s FB). It’s really beautiful and the kind of thing I needed to read today, so thank you so much!

    (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  4. says


    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Over the past decade I have been pushing my limits and trying new things on a daily basis. Reading this inspires me further to keep looking ahead at what is possible. I hope more people find you and read this to help achieve a better life.



  5. Denise Smith says

    Nice job, I would write more but I have to go out and work on making my impossible, possible.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  6. says

    Joel, I had a browse through it for now until I have more time. I am already highly motivated and inspired. Thank you so much for sharing this manifesto.

  7. says

    Loved it dude. Especially the part about how successful people search out conflict or challenge simply to overcome it. Rather than run from the pain, they charge directly into it.

  8. Marcus says

    Damn Joel. Well done. My favorite section is “Vicarious Living & Inspirational Cocaine”. You did a wonderful job of creating a manifesto that’s inspirational but actionable. I got way more than my money’s worth :D. Thanks a million.

  9. says

    Thank you for this manifesto!
    My motto/quote I’ve been thinking about lately is:
    “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing”
    ~ Michelango

  10. says

    “The world belongs to those who reach out and grab it with both hands. It belongs to those who do something more than wish and hope and plan and pray, intending to do something someday, when all conditions seem just right.” -Brian Tracy

    Brian Tracy understood what your manifesto, blog, league, and your life is screaming– the impossible is possible for those who rise up and face it head on, who push through fear and failure in search of a trueness of self that can only be discovered by refusing to accept that they cannot do something.

    Keep doing what you do man. The world needs to hear it.

  11. says

    Joel, this is awesome! It was definitely thought provoking, inspiring of course but most motivational. Thanks so much for sharing your words of wisdom. I can completely understand why you received marriage proposals. 😉

  12. says


    I finally got to reading the MM and I found it very thought-provoking. I especially like the Vicarious Living & Inspirational Cocaine part. It has always bothered me when I see people do that (I did too for the longest time until no more). Not to be hypocritical, but it reminds me of a quote by Seneca (his book Letters from a Stoic is probably my favorite book ever) – “This is why I look on people like this as a spiritless lot – the people who are forever acting as interpreters and never as creators, always lurking in someone else’s shadow.”
    I am also getting started on an Impossible list. I always had a bucket-list of sorts in the back of my mind but nothing written down. I’ll post it on my blog,, and let u know when I do.

    Good luck,


  13. Juan Humberto says

    Joel, I have never read something that I can literally write by myself, thank you so much for doing this. As I was reading it I was seeing my life just as you described, as someone write over; it synchronize with decisions I´m making now, just to do the Impossible.

    I wish all the success to everyone who dare to live, to do the impossible.

    Humberto (MEXICAN)

  14. says

    The universe has been conspiring against me lately, and your manifesto is the latest kick in the ass. Either I need to change or my ass is going to fall off.

    I’ve already passed the Manifesto along to some co-workers.

  15. says

    Awesome work! I’m sharing this with my FB friends. The piece on Vicarious Living and Inspirational Cocaine was eloquently put. Thanks for posting this. Normally I put aside blog stuff to read later but decided to open this one today – glad I did since I’m busy writing MY story. Synchronicity!

  16. says

    Downloaded and read the manifesto last night and really enjoyed it. I pretty much already think in this way, but thought it was succinct, clear and well-written and would certainly pass it to others to try to get them on my ‘wavelength’.

  17. says

    Nicely done, Mr. Impossible. As the ‘famous greek god from Portland’ says: Just Do It, already. Just as a bit more more fuel to saying yes to possibilities, in my first year of running ever I ran two full marathons and am closing my first year of triathlons this year with a 70.3 Ironman, among a number of other fun imPOSSIBLE things. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there in 2012 Just Doing It!

  18. Grace says

    My favorite part was the case study on Team Hoyt. He is the epitome of a father. I would have liked more case studies from your blog readers as well, but maybe there I go again, living vicariously? 😉
    P.S. There are typos on page 7, 11, 26.

  19. Trey says

    Love the Manifesto. I absolutely loved the Vicarious Living & Inspirational Cocaine section. Thanks for the great content and inspiration – time to act instead of react.

  20. says

    Take action – Be great! That is my summary of the manifesto. The graph about fear was the best part of the whole thing. I let feat get hold of me and decide ‘not to bother.’ BUT the graph points out that the exciting stuff is where the uncomfortable lives. That is where I want to live. I look forward to the IMPOSSIBLE. I already have a few things that are just crazy enough to work.

  21. says

    Joel, it makes me think of theeee question! What’s the one thing, that one “crazy idea” you not only stopped sharing with friends and family but you rarely share with yourself anymore?

    Love your stuff Joel!!

  22. says

    Love the manifesto! My favourite line: “most decisions don’t end up with
    you dying” speakes volumes. It puts fear into perspective and makes it seem also trivial. Good job!

  23. Taru says

    Liked the Manifesto a lot. Have already shared it with a few friends. Thanks so much. This came at the right time. Keep up the good work.
    Cheers !

  24. says

    A friend shared this with me earlier this evening – read the manifesto and it is great. I have started a list and shared it with my daughter Madeleine, so stand by for some action. Thank you Joel

  25. shanshan says

    i just want to thank you for the story. the idea is great. the website is great. i wish i can live a rewarding life by helping others just like what you do. it should start now. thanks for the inspiration. cheers.

  26. Dan says


    The work you’re doing here is completely inspiring. I stumbled upon the blog last night while sitting in the filth of inaction and now I’m prepared to get out and do the impossible. You’ve put into words many of the things I’ve been feeling for a while: the need for activity, beauty of success, and pointlessness of excuses. You’ve got a great story, and you’re inspiring others to do the same.

    thank you,

  27. Marissela says

    This came to my life on the right moment.. I loved it and now i’ve realized i need to change my perspective and be aware of the story im telling with my life.


  28. Mirza says

    Hi, Joel! I’ve just read your manifesto. It’s great! Seriously. I loved it. So many basic and obvious stuff, but so inspiring! I just wanted to say thank you.

  29. says

    Nice one! The manifesto is awesome to read. Things inside just sounds so familiar. I like watching movies a lot and when you talked about it in the Manifesto I realize I need to change and start writing my own GREAT story instead of watching others!

  30. says

    I will out-Impossible you.

    I will out-Impossible everyone else.

    Not because I want to win or because I want them to fail, but because I making the Impossible, possible.

    And then raising the bar for next time.

  31. Alex says

    Thanks for sharing, this clarified things that I need to change. I’m in my journey wanting to do well when my perspective was wack. thanks again, must read for everyone.

  32. says

    I think fate led me to this website. I am 51 years old, and like you said in the Manifesto, my life has been shaped by the world and those around me. I was just sort of “along for the ride.” I’ve thought for many years now that I was suffering from depression, when it finally dawned on me that I was simply pathologically bored! So for my mid-life crisis, instead of buying a Porsche or a Harley, I am going to rebuild my life the way I want it! Thank you for putting up this site, I think it’s just what I needed. I have started training for a triathlon in December, and I am working on my my “impossibles” list now.

    Here’s to the Impossible!

  33. says

    Thanks for the manifesto Joel! Very inspirational.

    In the next couple of months I’m planning to do a lot of things that put me out of my comfort zone but steps closer to my goals. Awesome impossible list by the way!

  34. says

    WOW! Te acabo de descubrir porque recibo el boletin de Getting Rich Slowly donde lei tu post. De ahi me intereso tu proyecto IMPOSSIBLE y acabo de leer tu manifiesto. Te felicito por ser una gran inspiración. Muchas gracias!! Acabo de correr un medio maraton y desde que me lo propuse me di cuenta que mi vida ha sido un reto tras otro y que no hay nada que me haga mas feliz que lograr cosas que al inicio me parecen imposibles. Definitivamente me faltan muchisimas cosas mas que quiero hacer y definitivamente espero formar parte de tu comunidad para continuar y servir tambien de inspiración a otros. 😀 que tengas un hermoso día!

  35. says

    Great read and a great kick in the butt! This was just what I needed to sit down, dust off some “impossible” goals and go for it! I had a lot of success early in life and had the pleasure of traveling and was bitten hard by the travel bug! Coming home to the US to a crazy, busy career seemed to suck the life/juice out of me. Money was good- but too many crazy hours and not enough time to actually spend the money.

    Now I’m in the opposite position – semi-working from home, money is not good – time but no money to spend! So enough of the balance – I’m tired of being bored – time to stop kicking the tires and time to go for it! Thank you!!! I’ll be sending your manifesto to family and friends and giving them a gentle kick as well!

  36. Dot says

    Life is funny. This manifesto came to me the moment I needed it. I’ve been through a rough patch that brought my world to a screeching halt and have been casting about looking for…something. Something that will make my life extraordinary – as well as those around me. And voilà! I’m looking forward to breaking out of the fear/comfort/conformity mode.

  37. says

    Since leaving a “short” response to a great book is nearly “impossible”, I’ll summarize my day in a 17 syllable Haiku poem.

    Got scalped by Zeek
    I’ll not freak
    Conquer defeat
    Achieving a great feat

  38. Sophie says

    Only last week I was suddenly inspired to put some plans to break out of my fur-lined rut to do something dynamic and different with my life into action. Then along comes your website and manifesto and it seems that I am not alone in this world of corporate drones, miserably surviving until they can retire and die. Not for me. I’m bursting with impossible ideas and I refuse to just do what everyone else thinks I should be doing (even though I’m not but I still find myself apologising to these people). Now I’m just going to say, “I’m doing things you probably think are impossible and you’ll read about my story one day.” But you’re right, I am doing it purely for myself, not for them, unless it’s to inspire them too. I’ll let you know! Thanks for the impetus Joel.

  39. says

    Impossible was going back to school at thirty nine.
    Life is not a straight line.
    I could have played it out the way it was written.
    Instead, I chose to take a chance.
    It was all about faith.
    Faith that there had to be something better.
    You only get one chance at life.
    Why waste it?
    The only thing I could have lost was the chance.
    So, I took the chance.
    And knowing it was my last chance, with the future of my wife and two kids on the line, I knew I couldn’t fail.
    Wouldn’t fail.
    I had to win, because there was no other way.
    Hard choices, going to school every weekend and on the holidays to get better.
    I won, and then I lost and then I won again.

    Now, starting over again, again.
    I’m in a much better place.

    All the people who told me that they couldn’t do that when I told them I was going back to school are still where they are.
    I think they were hoping I’d fail.
    Who wants you to succeed when you’re doing something they are to afraid to do?

    I am happier.
    My wife respects my decisions.
    My kids see a happy Dad who loves his job.
    No worries, mate!

  40. Samantha says

    I loved coming across this, it’s everything I’ve been slowly realizing recently. A lot of people in my life expect that I shouldn’t be able to do much, having had cancer and now dealing with a genetic disease I can’t get an official diagnosis for.

    But you know what? I’m still studying my passion. I’m still pushing for a job to be created for me in the area I want. And I’m learning to love life, instead of going through doing what’s expected of me.

    Watch this space!

    – Samantha G

  41. Erin says

    Thank you so much. The kick in the butt I really needed. I already started what is probably my “most impossible” task several months ago, but I’ve neglected it for the past week due to fear over so many things. I don’t know if I could ever give it up completely since it hasn’t left my mind for over 10 years, but the sooner I can get it done the better! I don’t want to end up on my death bed with only half or so completed, regretting all the time I spent sitting catatonic in the glow of my most comforting websites. And it isn’t as if that’s the only “impossible” thing that I can’t stop thinking about. So again, thank you. I’m ready to get back to work and step up my game. Perhaps it’s time to replace some of those time sink comfort websites with this one (another thing that seems impossible right now because I’ve depended on them for most of my life, but that just makes it exciting, right?).

  42. Samith Pich says

    An impossibly good read. I been feeling for a while that I’ve only just started to scratch the surface on who I can be and what I can contribute to the world. This is another swift reminder and kick up the pants to go do the stuff, fail heaps and continue anyways. I’ve gt a story to tell and I hope to share it itch you oneday.


    Samith Pich

  43. says

    Thanks Joel for inspiring me to actually write my impossible list.

    I’ll see you around and possibly you’ll hear of me changing my corner of the world.

    Keep at it.

    More people need to read what you are propagating.



  44. Joel says

    Thank you for the inspiration! When I was a teen and early 20s (I’m currently 44) I thought nothing was impossible and I could do anything I set my mind to. Somewhere along the way I got extrememly comfortable. Being so comfortable for so long eventually lead to a fear of being uncomfortable; afraid to step outside the neat little box of “possible”, “prudent” and “easy”. 3 Months ago I took the first steps to get outside my comfort zone, stop dreaming and start living and achieving. I lost 20 lbs, applied to grad school and working on starting a business. I am making my own “Impossible” list and encouraging my kids to do the same. I don’t want to see them get trapped in the same rut I did!

    Keep achieving the impossible and inspiring others to do the same,


  45. Brandon Cunningham says

    Thanks for writing this! I immediately enlisted a few of the men I believe will fight fear and boredom with me. I can’t wait to see what we do next. I almost wrote happens next but I’m not waiting for stuff to happen anymore.

  46. Ms S says


    I fit into the page where you talk about Inspiration Cocaine… I am like that ..overdosing on the achievement of others and feeling great.

    I have moved into a different country with no job to pick me as of now. The hardest thing is to know what you want. Yes – I know – money, fame, love…but to categorize the worthwhile one for you – Only for YOU…is the hardest. But NOT impossible.

    I know one thing for sure. I am NOT going to make you as my Cocaine.

    One day, when you read my story , you will know me…

    Till then

  47. Sarah says

    Thanks for this –

    Stumbled across your blog- what an awesome kick in the a*s reminder just as I was about to let fear get the better of me (love your fear barometer!).

    Will be checking back often! :)

  48. Kristin says

    I used to live like this, doing whatever whenever and experiencing all I could cause I believe life is a series of experiences and that is truly how to educate yourself then it all just stopped and I feel like I’ve let myself down. I have a child on my own and it’s like there aren’t enough hours in the day to be who I really want to be. I have goals but can’t seem to pick something and go for it. Thank you for this read it was amazing…..

  49. says

    This is awesome! I love how you are so inspired to inspire others. I love the one question that will change your life. I have thought about how I am telling a story with my life before, but you put it in such a way that it really made me want to do something about changing my story for the better! I will recommend this book to my friends for sure!
    Thank you!!

  50. Jonathan says

    You are spot on. I have always felt, and said to people that if I could convince myself to parachute out of a perfectly good airplane then I could do anything. I have yet to do it. The absence of action here results in inaction elsewhere.

  51. Garrett says

    Your thoughts are my thoughts, just written out in a coherent manner. Thanks for organizing that for me. From now on when people ask me why I do “irresponsible,” out of the ordinary things, I’ll send them this document rather than try to explain myself. :-)

    Good job man!

  52. JB says

    You’re a stud. I enjoyed reading your manifesto. I came across a brief summary of you on an article called The Battle of the Mind which led me to Impossible HQ.

    I’m my journey of authoring my story I’ll hold on to what you said, that being, “Most people don’t really quit – they just give up too soon…” Keep doing what you do.


  53. Garrett Lacy says

    Hey Joel, I was on listening to a podcast and Jack mentioned your site. I was also feeling like I needed to do more scary things and face my fears to build confidence. Thank you, for writing this manifesto I feel a little better about facing my fears in life. I’m going to try something right now wish me luck!

  54. Bonnie Kay says

    This was riveting. I am going to REALLY try to study Organic Chemistry. No more procrastination, no more excuses. I CAN get an A, it is attainable.

  55. Daivd says

    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for your manifesto and blog. Both both highly inspiring. I’m trying out CST at present and it certainly works for me too (Glad I started in July rather than February though!).

    Did you ever read Tom Wolfe’s ‘A Man in Full’? It sounds a bit like you’ve also worked through to something akin to the Roman Stoicism of Epictetus etc (minus any unnecessary references to Zeus!). If so, you’re in very good company.

    I hardly need to tell you to keep on keeping on, but do mind that you keep the flame you’re carrying burning brightly.

  56. jim normand says

    My crossfit wod (workout of the day) was 1/2 mile of lunges it seemed impossible and as I got ready to modify it I thought my last manefesto reading. Love it and completed workout. I’m 10 days in w cold showers.

  57. Marielle says

    Hello, just coming by to thank you for this. You just changed someone else life buddy, love from Dominican Republic.

  58. says

    Thanks so much for sharing this!! Just the right amount of ‘kick in the pants’ that I need to get moving. Day one of the 30 day Shower challenge completed. It’s time to start putting my thoughts to actions rather then become sterile with information overload.
    Cheers once again and I will be coming back here more often.

  59. says

    Thank You! Mr. Runyou for stepping up to the plate and being a leader. At present I have only read the first five pages of your Manifesto. I’m at the local library, so I’m printing it off and taking it with me. I’ve spent my life doing the Impossible and at the tender age of 50, am planning to paddle 3700 miles on a SUP (stand up paddle) board. Your Manifesto is going to be required reading to the intire team and I will be gladly sharing it with Everyone that I meet. Again, Kudos to You!!!

  60. Trevor LaRene says

    Great story!

    I teach adult students at a college of nursing, and we have a highwash-out rate. Many student believe they cannot pass–and then they don’t. I am going to recommend all students to come here, read your manifesto and apply it to their lives.

  61. says

    Finally, after a month of having printed it, I decided read your manifesto and I have to say that it is really a small and amazing piece of literature, that will motivate me everytime I need something to push myself to the next level.

    Thanks Joel, I’m a great fan of you and your blog.

  62. KAS says

    This was the nuts and bolts of prepping to “write your life’s story” whatever that may involve and for me, this manifesto made me realize something new. I KNEW that I was standing in my own way with so many things in my life – it’s always been “me standing in MY way”. But for my business, Joel Runyon pointed out something that I never realized – I was addicted to inspiration. I belong to a very successful team and I felt pretty successful by association and I am one of its biggest cheerleaders but I always knew that their success had little to do with MY contributions. I will continue to be a huge cheerleader but I will stop living vicariously through their success and figure out how to create a life for myself that will inspire others. Thanks Joel~

  63. Davin says

    I admire your ability to communicate with this document, as it reads with a “no b.s.” attitude yet stays respectable. Keep working towards becoming an effective writer, and please continue to do so while having fun!

    I’ve been heading towards a no-limit direction, albeit slowly for me, and with set goals (uggg). So, challenge accepted. I look forward to meeting you in person, in the near future.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  64. says

    Extremely inspiring…………reading this was like writing the story of my life. I’ve done everything accordingly, I’ve ascribed to the norm and it has not helped me. I am stuck with a degree doing a job that bores me to death, I want travel, join chef school and explore options beyond control and I have no doubt I will do it, reading The Manifesto is just a further affirmation and motivation of the human spirit to stop listening the critics and being judged by them constantly and to go out and live a life filled with adventure beyond what we could imagine. Always look at the positive in every situation, sometimes the critics give us the determination to prove them wrong. Thank you so much for this, this is a futuristic ideology for those that want more out of life.

  65. Corey says

    Here I was looking for info on shirts and this is what I find. Definitely need to look through this more….lost A LOT of weight (was hospitalized), on disability…..went the way of fitness because after being retrained and not finding work. I decided to get my health back. Just had my first skin removal with more to come. So with confusion I have looked for “shirts”, how to…since fitness and graphics are my thing. So in my search I find “IMPOSSIBLE”.

    Definitely will be looking and reading more….

  66. says

    Eye-opening to say the least. I’m 25 now and up until a couple of weeks ago I’ve honestly spent each and every day of my life doing what I had to do for everybody around me (struggling friends and family), having no regard for my own happiness or what I wanted out of life…simply doing what I had to do to make sure people were taken care of. Now that I’m “free” from that (not that I minded helping those close and in need at all), I’m finally able to look at life from a perspective of chasing dreams, doing things bigger than myself, accomplishing the things I put off for others for WAY TOO LONG, so for all of the words of wisdom, I truly Thank You!

  67. Marty Phillips says

    It’s always necessary to remind myself that normal is not enough. Normal is easy, and it’s comfortable, and it’s convenient, yet it brings nothing but a faulty sense of satisfaction. There isn’t much better than tackling a long-standing goal and knocking it out of the stratosphere. There is nothing better than accomplishing something that defies the limits imposed on a person by society and by themselves. Now, I would argue for ages that one cannot do so by themselves because all persons are built for community, and in that community there can be a fountain of unquenchable life if it is sustained by the right fuel. Imagine what a community that shares a desire to break the limits, enjoy life’s abundant pleasures, and help the helpless share in their joy could do? It’s impossible to imagine all of the possiblities, but it sure is exciting.

    Love the manifesto, keep believing and keep fighting!

  68. Grant Rogerson says

    Reminded me of my father’s mantra (or so it seemed whenever I was giving up):
    There is no such word as can’t.

    Thank you for writing the Manifesto. Lots of takeaway for me, and reminders of the path I took to get to places I wanted to be in my career: keep your eye on the ball. And if you recognize an opportunity – pounce on it without reservation.

  69. says

    Joel, thanks for putting yourself out there, for offering your ideas. I’ve just discovered you today, something sent me here, and I’m so inspired. Thank you. I’m someone who gets Epic Stuff done but I’ve been facing fairly horrific personal problems and have had my stuffing knocked out of me. I needed a kick in the butt to get my confidence in gear and my act together again. Thank you for the kick. Off to make my Impossible List.

  70. Dylan says

    Awesome book I’ve got to admit my life has changed from this moment on, no more living the same way its time for change, I’ve set my list and i’m going out now to get it, worse case scenario i die, but where all dying anyway every second might as well do what i want to do, Thanks man great book

  71. Aditi says

    Love this! It was especially helpful to hear about your journey from UPS delivery assistant to all of this amazing-ness.

    I just spent the morning furiously scribbling down my ‘Impossible List’… and now I’m off to make it happen!

    Needed this… Thank You.

  72. says

    I read your manifesto and I currently work a day shift at a mom and pop shipping center. I can resonate with what you are saying working the holidays. I was going to write my opinion and give it a review and A+ yada yada but figure I would just go about finding something impossible instead.

  73. Yana says

    Joel, Thank you very much for your “Manifesto”!

    I’m greatly impresses, admired and challenged by reading it.
    I really enjoyed it and I’m so glad to have found it accidentally by serfing the net. I’m sure it’s going to be a start for my new exciting life full of adventure and joy. It was especcially interesting for me to read about limits and fear. You just opened my eyes..
    One of your goals in the “impossible list” says: “Change 1 Person’s Life For The Better” I think, you can cross it out as well, since you have already influenced my life and, I’m сurtain, lifes of many other people. You’re very nice and unussual person with deep inner world. Wish you good luck in your futher accomplishments!

  74. Alexia says

    This was a great read. Very real and encouraging. I’d say motivational, but motivation sucks! lol. Thanks so much for the insight and I’m excited to get to work~ I’ve already started my ‘impossible list’ and have some cool things on it, some of them I got from here, like taking a trip to Mount Mauna Kea. I also have free diving in a Cenote in Mexico. (I’ve got asthma and its not going to stop me!)

    Thanks so much!

    Here’s to the impossible! I’m possible!

  75. says

    Hey Joel, i’ve just read the manifest and i gotta say that it was synchronic the way it got to me, exactly when i needed it, so Thanks. Now i will spread it, because i believe and i share the way you think. Keep up the good work!

  76. says

    Thanks for writing this! I will have to re-read it a couple of times to let the concepts sink into that voice with the Fear, but I already feel some of it not being so scary.

    Looking forward to My Story!

  77. Beverly says

    Hello Joel! I just wanted to thank you for this amazing manifesto, thank you for sharing your perspective and the new approach you gained about life. I used to plan so many things, and always quited because I thought I wasn´t good enought to complete them. Now I think differently…I want to tell an amazing story with my life and today´s the day I´ll begin my new journey!!

  78. Anonymous says



  79. says

    The timing of this is uncanny. I had just decided to change the culture. I just put up a blog, started writing about what aspect I am trying to change. This manifesto has been incredibly helpful. I will be posting a link to this on the front page of my blog as a resource for readers. Thanks for the effort.

  80. Rita Yachoui says

    Hey Joel, I come from Lebanon, quite far from the US.I just read your manifesto. It struck me as though you were talking to me face to face. The energy in your words will make me rise from my 2-year depression. I’m only 20 and have my whole life ahead of me. Consider yourself the best of benefactors because you just changed my view of life. I will try to encourage those around me to push their limits too.
    Eternally thankful.
    Keep it up

  81. Jackie says

    Hi Joel – I just read your manifesto – VERY INSPIRING – Thank you! I graduated with an MA in Biology and have not been able to find a full time job that pays living wage since! The job market was tough (aka nearly impossible) even back in early 2000s … and now it’s even worse (as you talked about in your Manifesto). That part I could relate to very well. In fact, nearly EVERY part of the Manifesto I related. One thing though that I think should be validated for others maybe is that it appears that you have no wife or kids or anyone depending on you when you began your life changing adventure (sorry if I’m wrong, I just didn’t see anything about a family). I think it is infinitely easier to live the “impossible” story you talk about when you are single and free to make decisions that will affect you, and you only, and free to just pick up and move anywhere at any time. I think that should be validated. There are so many who feel the same as you and DO have the drive, but also have responsibilities to family (both men and women) or are stuck in one place and cannot just pick up and move (although I don’t think you necessarily have to “move” to change things). Anyway, that being said, I still LOVE your Manifesto and blog and your undefeatable attitude. You are such an inspiration – Keep it up! Thanks so much!!


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