New Impossible Gear Is Here (Plus a Giveaway!)

New Impossible Gear is here!

We’ve got a brand new store. It’s got a sleek new checkout process and a great new look. We’ve also switched around the backend so we’re able to fulfill and deliver gear to you on a more realistic timeline. So – we’re gonna celebrate with some free stuff!

I’ve got a few pieces of leftover gear from our old store that got boxed up and sent to me. It’s awesome, brand-new gear, but it’s ruining my 100 thing minimalist challenge – so I’m giving it away. It’s the same high-quality stuff that’s in the store, but I’ll be personally sending these out rather than having it done from our fulfillment house.

All you have to do to “enter” is to answer the following 2 questions.

  1. What are you going to do in your brand new impossible gear? (bonus points if you’ve bought one before & wore it out).
  2. When was your last cold shower?

Winners will be selected completely randomly by a entirely biased judge (me) based on the quality of the responses.

Impossible Gear2


Don’t worry, if you don’t win the giveaway, you can always pick up your IMPOSSIBLE gear 24/7 here –> (it’s some of the most comfortable stuff you’ll ever put on your body).

P.S. Going forward, we’re much better setup to bring on additional gear, so if you have a piece in mind, let us know!

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  1. Chris Kotwicki says


    1. What am I not going to do in my new impossible gear?

    2. When was the last time I took a warm shower?

    • Emmet Devlin says

      My two answers for a free XL shirt –
      1. What am I not going to do in my new impossible gear? I’ll wear it every morning as I exercise. I’m going to drop 20 pounds before my birthday on 6/11

      2. When was the last time I took a warm shower? This morning. I save the CST for mornings when I need a little “jump start”. Otherwise things become too routine.

  2. Margaretha says

    My last cold shower was too long – about six months and I will wear my Impossible Gear in the Tough Mudder in Seattle this September.

  3. says

    Me me I want a thing!

    I will take a picture of myself in said t-shirt deadlifting some heavy shit. Sex-ayy. (Met my “impossible” goal weight on DLs earlier this year!)

    Cold showers: Nope.

  4. Thad Sweet says

    I’m going to take a cold shower in my brand new Impossible gear because the last cold shower I took was while camping last October.

  5. Traci J. says

    1. What are you going to do in your brand new impossible gear? I told myself that if and when I attempted one of my IMPOSSIBLE dreams, I would buy a shirt. Well, I’ve recently committed to doing my first figure competition in September. I’ve been dreaming of this for 10 years! So, I would wear that shirt with pride every week to the gym!

    2. When was your last cold shower? It was a very quick one, but about 2 weeks ago. Maybe getting the new shirt would encourage me to take more cold showers! :)

  6. Richard says

    Last Cold Shower was last night, felt great!

    I will wear my new impossible gear when I learn how to ride a motorcycle this summer!

  7. says

    LOL… My last cold shower was in January, and I had several of them that month because the hot water in our apartment complex was all jacked up, so I let my daughter use the small amount of warm water the hot water heater made each night,
    and put myself through a cold shower… It was interesting, and pretty much the way you described it.

    AND IN MY NEW GEAR, I will be spreading the nothing’s impossible mission because if only you knew the MANY times in my life that I’ve proven that what other’s call impossible is always POSSIBLE :-)–2/x/6215276#home

    What are you going to do in your brand new impossible gear? (bonus points if you’ve bought one before & wore it out).
    When was your last cold shower?

  8. Linnea says

    In January, I thought that running a Half Marathon would be impossible for me – I was not a runner, but I set it out there as a personal goal for myself in 2014. My race is in 8 days, and I’m ready. So I decided I need a new Goal – I’m going to run a full marathon later this summer. I will be training for my marathon in said Impossible Gear.

    The last cold shower I took on purpose was in November while camping in Baja Mexico. The last cold shower I took because my water heater pilot light went out was 2 months ago. (I prefer the November version.)

  9. desiree says

    I would go bungee jumping. I’d go skydiving but I’ve already done that so not sure that would count. But ill take a picture of the jump in the impossible gear. And my last cold shower was probably about two months ago

  10. Martin Gebhardt says

    I’m quite new in doing “impossible” things… well, at least we didn’t call them that way. But I lost some 40 pounds and ran my first marathon last week in Hamburg. I’d wear the impossible gear on my next marathon, a mountain run in October. Or at least on the party afterwards.
    The last cold shower was about two weeks ago.

  11. says

    Hi Joel, I love your blog! I actually discovered you on an old podcast you did: “Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster Podcast.” Since then I completed all 30 days of your cold shower challenge, and it was AWESOME! I’ve also read your book, and I’ve recommended it to a number of people.

    Okay, so for the questions.
    1. What would I do in your impossible gear? My goal is to run a half marathon in under an hour and 43 minutes. I’ve already ran 2, but did them both in 1 hour and 53. I want to scrape an entire 10 minutes off my time with one coming up at the end of June. I’d wear your shirt while doing this impossible challenge, and I’d blog about it too! (that goal is on my own impossible list on my blog).

    2. When is the last time I had a cold shower? This morning! No joke. I always have cold showers when I feel like I’m getting stuck, and it always seems to work. It’s the perfect mindset shift, and I recommend it to all of my friends. I never thought that I’d be a fan of cold showers, but I take at least 3 a week now, regularly (although perhaps they don’t all last 5 minutes anymore).

  12. says

    If I win, I’ll use my impossible shirt to dominate some parkour and beastly workouts. I have the Impossibe brand to represent and I won’t take it lightly.

    It’s Impossible HQ that helped me convert my bucket list to an impossible list, to an action list.

    My last cold shower was 2 weeks ago. It scared me straight.

  13. Sue says

    I just adore my Impossible tank, and yes it IS getting worn. Would love some near swag!

    I would definitely use it to help reach my deadlift goal / PR of 275#. I’ve been working toward that goal for quite a while but haven’t quite reached it. Amazing how 5 extra pounds can feel like 500! Clearly the gear will push me over the top.

    As for my last cold shower, probably at least 4 months ago. I need to get back on that train!


  14. says

    When I receive my shirt, I’ll wear it around town, to the grocery, all the local places, so people will stop and ask me about it. Then I’ll get a chance to talk about your site and how I’m affected.

    Cold shower = maybe 15 years ago

  15. Ilai says

    I gotta be honest, I introduced impossible2my daughter shez on her 10th day of CST!!! Thatz discipline!!!She beats me hands down…Im even a tad jealous….she deserves it….receiving a surprise gift from u wil certainly be a reward for her self-discipline.

  16. Bria says

    I’ll wear the shirt during the run of Ironman Mont Tremblant this August. First cold shower is tomorrow!

  17. Anne says

    I would wear it to remind myself to he brave and stand up for myself and that I’ve already done an impossible task. I survived. Now I want to help other survivors become thriving people who find their power and their voices. Whether it be via weight lifting (like me) or rock climbing or anything that let’s them feel their strength while being supported and non judged.

    Last cold shower? That would be a week ago when I was forcing myself to not keep dwelling in the past after a run in with a trigger item.

  18. Tai says

    I would probably use the shirt as a Pajama shirt. Dreaming of the impossible :p
    Which won’t be impossible anymore with that shirt on muhahahaha! ( ill probably wear it casually to)

    Anyways, my last cold shower was like 2 months ago.

  19. Nemanja says

    Hey Joel!

    1) I plan to wear my Impossible shirt while working out, running or doing any meaningful activity. I want people to stop by and ask me what does that crossed impossible logo means, to spread the mindset further. Though they’re very open to action, I’ve still trying to convert my friends to take the CST. Which brings me to:

    2) The last cold shower was this very morning. My boiler stopped working yesterday so it was inevitable 😛 It felt very special because about a year ago I’d probably skip it and today I’ve just looked at the broken boiler, said “Bring it on, bitch” and unleashed the cold stream on me.

    Nemanja :)

  20. says

    I’m going to sweat my ass off in my impossible gear, lose some weight, and get skinny again.

    My last cold shower was on Tuesday this week. Today’s shower was just lukewarm.

  21. says

    Impossible Gear would come in handy creating conversations, a feat every introvert hopes to avoid, yet dreams of conquering.

    My last cold shower was this morning. This year I made a commitment to give up something each month, and this month I’ve given up hot showers. It’s sucks. And I still have 22 day to look forward to. Thanks a lot, Joel.

  22. says

    Hey Joel!

    All righty, so what I’m going to do in my new impossible gear (sadly I didn’t already own some and wear it out, but I’ve been looking at them with lust for a long while – that count?) is continue to rock my morning exercise routine. I started it about three weeks ago after my 30 day cold shower challenge and haven’t missed a day since.

    I’m working on the hundred pushups challenge at the moment, tough going because I discovered that I’d been doing standard pushups WRONG my entire life until this point so I’m having to re-learn proper form. Getting there. In addition to that, I also spend 5 minutes on my vibrating exercise machine thing, skip for 5 minutes (tougher going than it sounds) and dance in a highly embarrassing way for 4-5 songs.

    Plus, I’ve been thinking about starting to run along the promenade each night instead of walking and will need something super styling to wear. *hint*

    My last cold shower was about 3 weeks ago, and I was doing the challenge up in Jasper, Alberta so it was bloody cold! Lasted out the full 30 days though and grew to enjoy it. When I came back to White Rock I made the executive decision to move back up to luke warm water since I’d rather have my willpower for exercise, though I do still find myself turning it down to cold after a workout. I’m in denial about that at present though 😉

    Thanks for this giveaway chance by the way, and I love this blog!

  23. says

    I am going to wear the shirt when I workout to help with that extra push for some a couple more miles on the run. You know…because thong season is right around the corner. My last #CST was yesterday after my first warm/hot weather run of the season. Got four miles in at lunch.

  24. says

    Today is my Birthday, so that might qualify right there! So far I’ve spent it putting flea and tick control on my dogs, so getting a free shirt would make it so much more memorable. I’m also battle training hardcore at the gym, so of course I’d submit photos of myself ripping out of your Impossible tank top. I spent a summer living on a glacier in Alaska (in a tent) and had to melt snow for a shower. There was no curtain either, and there was a bear nearby.

  25. Christina says

    1) my bf is a personal trainer he would love to train in it! It would be a great present for him as he continues to push his boundaries. I also am wanting to get one in order to workout in, as I reach my goal to putting on some muscle and focussing on the 6 pack challenge!
    2) he had one three days ago when I mentioned your challenge to him! And I had one about 2 months ago. Granted it was because I was at the beach in a cold shower, but even better!

  26. says

    Hey Joel,

    I just recently ran across your site yesterday and I’m loving your mentality and message here. Very motivating stuff.

    1. I’d wear that sexy-ass shirt every day to remind me to strive for awesome. In everything. Always.

    2. My last cold shower was almost two days ago, which was also the last time I showered…yup.



  27. Laura M says

    1. First, fit in it. (Yeah, healthy body weight goals!) And then, hug an alpaca (llama/goat as a back-up).

    2. I think my last one was about two weeks ago. They’re sweet and frightening things.

  28. Zach says


    1. I wore an Impossible shirt when I rode a camel through the Sahara, and if I win another I’ll wear it during my training runs for my first marathon. NYC ’14, here I come!

    2. Yesterday morning, it helped me focus for my last final!

  29. David says

    1. I won’t do anything in the gear yet. They are my next impossible goal. I recently finished my first impossible mission; I got taken off diabetes meds and have maintained normal blood sugar levels for a year and I dropped over 100lbs. My next impossible goal is to get into xl gear. I was in 6x when I first started.

    2. My last cold shower was 15 minutes ago. I take one every night.

  30. says

    My last cold shower was about a week and a half ago, but in February of 2013 I took a full month of nothing but cold showers, including a couple of them that were 10-minutes instead of 5-minutes, and 4 extra cold showers just because. I also preached the cold shower therapy to several people, including a guy who has completely stopped taking hot showers for months now.

    What I will do in my IMPOSSIBLE (is nothing) gear — I will direct and act in a film I wrote.

  31. Dodi says

    Will wear my impossible t-shirt on June 2nd when I reach my target weight goal. My last cold shower was this morning.

  32. Dan says

    1. I’ll wear it while conquering my email inbox – and then email you when I’m done.

    2. Last cold shower – 4 hours ago. CST helped me run a half marathon PR last weekend. 1:46:21.

  33. Mark Williams says

    With my new impossible shirt, I’d be fully prepared to hike Mount Kilimanjaro, skydive, or travel across the world. That stuff is easy for me…I’m more interested in wearing it on something that feels a bit more outside my comfort zone…a second or third date!

    And my last cold shower was this morning. And the last time before that was yesterday morning. And my next cold shower is tomorrow. (Thanks to you and Nick Reese. Have seen some major improvements in my life over the past 5 weeks that I’ve done cold showers).

  34. says

    My Very Dear Joel,
    Love your Blog. The only cold shower this 58 year old body takes is the blast of cold to close the pores in my head after I wash my hair. My body gets the jolt too. I have trouble jumping into the pool when the water is colder than 80 degrees F. It might be my age or my exhaustion, or the fact that I am not as proactive as I would like to be in this area of my life. Truth is I like to eat really good pleasure food. As my husband nears his 60th birthday, he has finally decided to lose his excess weight. He says, “I spit in the face of 60!” (Of course, the fact that I told him I couldn’t get my arms around him might have spurred him on too). Nonetheless, when he sets his mind to do something, he does it. He recently told me, “this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” What more can I say than, “I. Am. Doomed.” I just don’t have that willpower. I probably would if I was married to Christian Grey because there would be someone preparing and or choosing my meals for me. I would have a personal trainer. I would go to work and come home from work via bodyguard driver… There would be someone to go shopping for my every need. But Christian Grey has nothing on my guy. The selfies he has been shooting are impressive.
    What would I do if I had an impossible gear shirt? Well, the blue one would make my eyes pop, grey for my husband. He’s hot, so a cold shower would help. I would definitely wear it and would just advocate your blog, to the young set (like my personal trainer daughters. My husband would begin reading your blog simply to learn about how to keep this buff body that he’s worked so hard to regain (7 months) and working on maintenance.
    Joel, I know I’ve answered these questions in reverse but I just wanted to make you laugh because laughter is really healthy. Live long, and prosper! Thanks for your blog.

  35. Pete says

    Hey Joel.

    Would wear the T-shirt in my quest to regain some dignity, both in terms of looking better (losing weight) and attempting to be more positive as I start a new venture.

    Cold showers….none. I live in Tanzania. There is never, ever, any cold water here.



  36. Max says

    Last cold shower? About 5 minutes ago; Brr! I’m still wet! (Before that?… erm a shamefully long time ago. Your email was an excellent prompt to go and take one. And now I feel great!)

    And what will I do in it? Wear it with pride as I go out running again, something that I’ve not done for months because my new job has made it… oh yes, I’ve caught myself saying it to people… “impossible”! Except we, your readers, all know it’s not impossible, it’s a choice. So I’m choosing to get back to it. Then people can say, “Wow you’re fitting in training for X, with your new job and everything? However do you do it? It seems impossible to me!” And I’ll just smile, point to my awesome new IMPOSSIBLE gear and tell them to to google you…

    (Gah, you and your wretched clever psychology. All I can think about now is what can I do today that’s impossible?…)

  37. steve palmer says

    Hi J
    Yh I could do with some new gear for my martial arts traing & last cold shower was this am (sat 10th gmtime ) lol
    Best Wishes

  38. Nathan says

    I’m going to use the gear to dominate my workout! Last cold shower was about 20 minutes ago. I’ve been starting my day with one every day since I started following your blog about 3 months ago. It’s completely changed my life. Seriously. Thanks dude!

  39. Laura Lou says

    I will wear my new impossible gear at the 10k race I’m doing in September, as a stepping stone to the tough mudder I’m doing next year. Doesn’t sound like much but this is a big step for someone with shin splints, a heart problem + asthma!!

    My last cold shower was about 3 weeks ago, but having Raynaud’s doesn’t really lend itself to cold showers – I like actually being able to feel my toes for the rest of the day!!!

    Side note: if anyone has an actual working body that they would like to trade I’d be super grateful 😛

  40. Rachel says

    1) ill wear my shirt when I build my art at burning man (ill also bedazzle it)

    2) i took a cold shower 5 days ago.

  41. Chris says

    I bought an impossible shirt when they first came out, it’s probably my favorite workout shirt. I’d probably do with a new one what I’ve been doing with this one; work some outs, parkour some buildings, spin some fiyah, and see what other sketchy/awesome stuff I can try. Last cold shower was about a week ago following a run.

  42. Justin says

    1. I am going to get into the best shape of my life by doing parkour training for the American Ninja Warrior competition. My fellow Caltech students may think I’m crazy now when I tell them how cold shower therapy has helped me do 100 consecutive push-ups and 200 consecutive sit-ups, but they will remember this when I qualify for and compete in the competition with the Impossible Logo across my chest.

    2. My last cold shower was last night and I have 361 more consecutive days of cold showers to go before reaching my goal.

  43. says

    1. I’ll train for a Tough Mudder and wear it during the event

    2. Last cold shower was this morning – been taking care of my sick GF all week so I haven’t gotten any nooky all week.

  44. Ricardo Rodriguez says

    1. compete and finish the Spartan Race at Fenway in November.

    2. just after my workout today.

  45. Noel D says

    1.)What am I gonna do with my impossible gear?? Am gonna run a obstacle race in July gonna go skydiving this summer again. Taking on the go ruck challenge going to Peru next year, hitting up Japan as well. Test for a black belt.
    2. My last cold shower was this morning after a 3 hour sparring session!

  46. Jake Ducati says

    1. My last cold shower was after my swim today. (I also did a cold rinse off before hitting the pool too.)

    2. I will wear my new impossible shirt on Epic adventures in Europe! (If I get the shirt before I leave on May 19th)

    Keep going strong, my friends!

  47. Moises Estrada says

    What am I gonna do with my brand new impossible gear?

    I’ll continue doing the impossible but now with an incredible impossible gear!

    When was your last cold shower?

    Last night, and I felt awesome!

  48. says

    Last cold shower was about a week ago, to aid sore legs.
    I would post a video of me preparing 10 minutes great lunch wearing an impossible t-shirt. It would be different from the one I own already (which I use for selfies :p)

  49. Garrett says

    1. Will wear it around campus when I go to graduate school, also will wear it in the fall for a marathon I am training for.

    2. My shower doesn’t work so I have to take cold baths instead. My last cold bath was last November.

  50. Victoria Schnaufer says

    I, of course, will be doing the impossible while wearing impossible gear. Last month I completed my first official half marathon after breaking both of my legs in 2013.I will start training for a full marathon in the upcoming months, wearing the impossible gear on race day. My last cold shower was the day of the half marathon- April 14. Cold shower therapy helped force me to train even when I did not want to.

    Thank you & best,
    Victoria Schnaufer

  51. Jeannine DeBellis says

    1. I will wear my new women’s impossible tank in large while my first tank is in the wash. I wear it everwhere. My last cold shower was a couple of months back. I can tell you the water in Alaska is cold but I am starting again. Got my CST app. I like the bell. LOL. Also do I get points for being 60? :)

  52. says

    1. What are you going to do in your brand new impossible gear? (bonus points if you’ve bought one before & wore it out).
    ans: I’m gonna work out in it and get my impossible abs going with some impossible gear on deck.

    2. When was your last cold shower?
    ans: My last cold shower was Saturday (May 09, 2014)

  53. David Bein says

    1. I plan on making my way back to the Big Zip at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia ( I was there this past summer for the first National Boy Scout Jamboree) and proudly wearing it for that…and everything else I can wear it for.

    2. My last cold shower was this morning. I woke up, “snoozed” for fifteen minutes or so, fell asleep on the couch after going downstairs for breakfast and decided I had to set a temperature record. I went in and turned it to the coldest it could go (I usually go almost all the way) and froze some valuable stuff–accidentally, of course. However, I did wake up!

  54. Ross says

    Call me Mr. Impossible! 1. I’m going to be wearing the shirt every time I bike, hike, any time i’m trying to get the ladies, whenever I work in the yard, I know this is a run on sentence but i will wear the hell out of the shirt.
    2. cold shower? EVERY DAMN DAY (I literally yelled that because cold showers pump me up).

  55. Breanna Ruelas says

    1. I’ll wear my Impossible shirt whenever I do something on my Adventure List to give me some motivation. I’ll definitely be wearing it at the end of the month when I go hang gliding!! I’ll even wear it when I’m taking my cold showers!

    2. The last time I took a cold shower was last night. After a pretty good workout, it refreshes me!

  56. Clemens says

    1. I’m finally going to learn riding a motorcycle this year. Does the impossible shirt come with protectors 😉

    2. Last cold shower? First thing this morning of course (same as NEARLY EVERY morning since reading your CST post last september). I’ve hated it every single time…

  57. Amanda says

    1. I just signed up to do Crew (rowing). I’ve always wanted to do it but felt my weight would sink the boat! I’m doing the impossible and would SO wear my shirt doing it too!

    2. I haven’t done CST in over a year :( shame on me. But now seems like a good time to do it again!

  58. Johanna says

    1. I will train for my first ever triathlon (Ironman New Zealand on March 7, 2015), a 9-month project between graduating from college this June and starting work as a management consultant in April 2015.

    2. In March on a trek to Everest Base Camp

    Hope this isn’t too late–your T-shirts are awesome and your blog inspired me to take on the Ironman challenge.

    Women’s size S or XS

  59. Uno says

    I’m going to rock Impossible gear while working out or at roller derby practice.

    Just learned about cold showers this morning. It’s something I used to do, but haven’t in years. Will probably start that up again tomorrow.


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