Question Everything


Cosmos relaunched last week. I don’t typically watch much TV, but it’s a great show.

The central question driving the entire project is one statement: question everything.

Questioning all of your assumptions is a good scientific principle and makes for a good jump-off point for a science show, but it’s also a good approach to life.

If you’re not happy with your career, fitness level or life, start questioning why. Ask yourself if any of your operating assumptions might be wrong. Examine your actions & why you do the things you do, because you might find out that there’s another way to go about things.

Start questioning things – but not just one thing – everything.

 Here’s a few prompts to get you started…

What if you got tired of talking about stuff and just started doing it?

What if you started a blog?

What if a cold shower isn’t as bad as it sounds? What if it’s worse?

What if selling your products didn’t mean you had to turn into Goldman Sachs?

What if you got rid of some of your stuff?

What if you didn’t have to live within the parameters everyone told you had to?

What if you booked a plane ticket without knowing the destination?

What if you moved across the country?

What if you could build your own tools?

What if advertising your stuff didn’t mean you were a sell out?

What if you could help people?

What if you could get some help? Built a team?

What if you could change some lives halfway across the world? What if you could do it twice?

What if it’s all a lie?

What if it’s not?

Question. Test. Experiment.

Find out for yourself.

photo credit: Avard Woolaver

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  1. Adam says

    I like the philosophy behind the idea of questioning your assumptions but every time I here the phrase “Question Everything!” my brain responds with “Why?”.

  2. says

    That’s what makes us as humans progress and evolve. Questioning everything makes us think about how and why we’re here. It’s a great idea to question everything, though sometimes it’s nice just to accept. Be in the moment and accepting life can be simpler and easier and often be less stressful to just accept things.

  3. says

    “What if selling your products didn’t mean you had to turn into Goldman Sachs?” <– This is the post you need to write Joel.

    One time someone asked Socrates, "Teacher, do you understand your true self?"

    Socrates replied, "I don't know. But I also understand this don't know."

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