Stop Asking The Wrong Question

Stop Asking The Wrong Question

How much bread can I eat and still lose fat?

How warm can my showers be?

Can’t I just spend an hour on the elliptical instead of doing 10 minutes of sprints?

I get asked questions like this all the time.

My response: Stop asking the wrong questions.

Because if those are the questions you’re asking – you’re completely missing the point.

If you want to burn fat and keep asking about eating copious amounts of bread, you’re completely missing the point.

If you decide to do cold shower therapy and keep asking about what the definition of “cold” is, you’re completely missing the point.

If you even look at an elliptical machine and you’re not rehabbing an injury you’re missing the point.


Stop Missing The Point

If you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t ask “how much bread can I still eat”, you should ask “what’s the most effective way for me to burn fat?”

If you’re taking on cold shower therapy, understand that it is all about teaching yourself to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. So, if you’re asking how you can make yourself more comfortable throughout the challenge, you’re asking yourself the wrong question.

If you keep wanting to work out for hours on an elliptical because “it’s easy” and you can watch TV at the same time, you’re more concerned with having an easy workout than you about getting results from your workout.

Stop asking the wrong question.

Stop missing the point.

Start changing your mindset.

Ask The Right Question

Instead of asking “how much can I get away with?” start asking “how much more can I do?”

Instead of asking “how can I make see results without having to change?” start asking “what changes do I need to make in order to see results?”

Instead of asking “how easy can I make this?” start asking “how can I make this more effective?”

Your Real Priorities

If you’re mostly concerned about eating a loaf a bread a week, you’re more concerned with your bread eating habits than you are burning fat.

If you’re mostly concerned with warming up after a cold shower, you’re more concerned with making yourself comfortable rather than really becoming okay with being uncomfortable.

If you’re mostly concerned with spending hours on an elliptical machine, you need to get your head checked.

The questions you ask reveal the priorities you hold.

Stop asking the wrong questions.

Start asking the right ones instead.

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  1. says

    That’s a very constructive way to tell people to man up and stop being a pu$$y. I’m doing the No Excuses program and I’m finding that body rows don’t cause me any pain, so I’m doing pull-ups in their place instead.

  2. says

    Great post Joel. I think we all want the easy way with all the benefits and none of the work. Your post applies to life in general, not just fitness. It is a matter of your real priorities, not the ones you say are your priorities.

    If you want to lose weight but continue to eat unhealthy food, your real priority is eating what you want, not losing weight.

    If you want to spend more time with family and friends, build a business, or learn amazing stuff but you sit around all evening and watch TV, your real priority is TV.

    Don’t worry about how much unhealthy food you can eat and still reach your goals, ask yourself how important is losing weight. Don’t worry about how much TV is OK to watch. If you adjust your priorities and focus on your goals, the other things take care of themselves. If I am focused on losing weight (or any other priority), I will do whatever it takes to get it done, not nitpick about how much chocolate cake I can eat or how easy I can make things.

    Like you said, stop asking the wrong questions and start asking the right ones

  3. says

    Instead of asking “how much can I get away with?” start asking “how much more can I do?”

    My favorite is…stop looking for excuses and start looking for solutions.

  4. says

    I caught myself doing this with regards to waking up early. I started to ask myself

    “How can I make it easier to wake up when all I want to do is have a lie-in?”

    I should be asking

    “How do I ensure my first activity of the say is challenging and worthwhile?”

    Sort that out and the getting up part is easy.

  5. Suzie says

    Great post. Reminds me of something I hear over and over in my 12 step recovery. “We thought we could find an easier, softer way.” “Half measures availed us nothing.” Thank you for a new perspective on this!


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