25 Things To Do With 25 Dollars

Greetings from NYC. I’m here meeting with the crew from Pencils of Promise for a few days and visiting the city for the first time in over a decade before coming back to Chicago tomorrow and running the 50k ultramarathon this weekend. Things are busy!

If you’re like me, you rarely use cash anymore. Nevertheless, I probably have about $25 on me at all times for random purchases, cash fare, or in case of emergency, etc. Here’s 25 things to do with the $25 laying around in your wallet.

  1. A week’s worth of coffee.
  2. 1/2 monthly gym membership
  3. 2lbs of bison jerky (actually ridiculously good)
  4. 70% of a Bucky Balls set.
  5. 2 “new” outfits at goodwill
  6. ~6, 7-11 Big Gulps
  7. 1L Bacardi Oakheart
  8. 157 Chinese Yuan (just in case the whole U.S. economy thing doesn’t work out).
  9. A couple dvds (if you still buy them) or movies off iTunes or Amazon.
  10. 25 new apps for your iPhone.
  11. 1 Kiva Loan
  12. 4 trips to Jamba Juice.
  13. Basic monthly cell phone bill.
  14. 1 Impossible Tshirt
  15. 4 hours of internet in the Auckland Airport
  16. 2 1/2 full albums on iTunes
  17. 3 Chipotle Burritos
  18. One of these lego sets.
  19. 25, $1 coins at the US Mint (sorry the Frequent Flyer hack doesn’t’ work anymore).
  20. About 10 pounds of Twizlers.
  21. ~40% of a typical race entry fee
  22. Almost enough for a new iPhone 5 lightning adapter.
  23. One $25 gift card to any store you can think of
  24. 3 poorly-thought-out domain names.
  25. Education and a whole nes set of possibilities for a kid in Guatemala.

You can burn $25 on a lot of different things. Some of them will have more impact than others. You might not remember the couple of beers you spent $25 on, but $25 can change the trajectory of someone’s life.

I’m running an ultra marathon this Saturday to help raise $25,000 to build a school in Guatemala. Find out more about the race and donate here. Something as small as $25 can make a big difference.

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    Great list Joel. For #3, you could substitute goat jerky (also very tasty).

    To most people, $25 is just pocket change or a little more. It can change your life or the life of someone else if spent wisely.

    A while ago, I heard about a charity that allowed you to purchase livestock for needy families in Asia. It is similar to #11 (Kiva loan) but on a much more basic needs level. Since I raise goats and chickens with a few rabbits, this charity really got my attention.

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    I just added $25 to Joanna June’s “Abs For Education” since it’s part Impossible HQ :) I see you’re over 50% towards the goal. Hope everyone gives up bison jerky and makes a donation to this project instead!



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