S1E5: When is it Okay to Quit?


Anytime you start working towards a big, scary, impossible looking goal, you’re inevitably going to face set backs. Times are going to get hard. You may even get to a point where you aren’t sure if you can do it anymore and you’re going to want to give up. Throw in the towel. Stop the…  continue reading > 

S1E4 – Inside the Mind of a Navy Seal: Grit and Resilience with Command Master Chief Paul Tharp


Grit and resilience aren’t natural skills you’re born with. They’re something that you have to build. It’s something you can learn. Over his incredibly successful career, Command Master Chief Paul Tharp has built such an incredibly resilient mind that he now teaches aspiring seals how to do it too.  Listen to this week’s episode of…  continue reading > 

Cold Shower Therapy for iOS is Brand New

Photo Jul 25, 10 31 49 PM

Man tip: if your (cold) showers aren't up to snuff. Get a new shower head. They're cheaper than you think and can turn your boring morning cold shower into an invigorating morning pump wake up experience. Do it now, there may or may not be another #cst announcement on the way soon. A photo posted…  continue reading > 

Protect The Asset


In a delusional spiral of self-sabotage, whenever I feel behind on something or need to push to get something done, I usually follow a pretty distinct & repeatable process: The first thing I sacrifice is sleep. Then it’s fitness routine. Then it’s food. Almost always in that order too. Protect The Asset In Essentialism, by…  continue reading > 

S1E3: 2 Strategies to Keep You Going When You Don’t Feel Like It

expect to be hard2

Anticipating that things will get tough on the road to Impossible things helps to set you up to be prepared for the disappointments that are destined to be along your way. If you expect it, you can prepare for it, so it doesn’t ruin your progress. Keep moving. Listen to today’s episode of Impossible Radio…  continue reading > 

Why You Feel Like Crap


So. You feel like crap. You’re not quite sure what it is, but something is “off.” You need to fix it. Here’s what’s up. Everyone has their ideal life – how they want to be. Then you have your daily life. It’s SUPER tempting to think that the majority of your unhappiness is due to…  continue reading > 

S1E2: How Kyle Maynard Bear Crawled Up Mt. Kilimanjaro


If there was a list of people most qualified to talk about resilience, Kyle Maynard would be at the top. Born without arms and legs, Kyle has been tackling mountains, both figurative and literal, one step at a time. He’s literally crawled to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African Continent, does…  continue reading > 


If you’re trying to do something impossible, don’t fall into the trap of telling yourself “someday.” Every time I see someone settle for “someday” – I want to shake them. Saving up and planning for the future is a great investment strategy – it’s a terrible strategy for life. Putting off what you want to…  continue reading > 

Why I’m Going to be Talking More About Business


Every Friday for the next quarter, I will be posting a business related blog post. The word “business” is a bit formal for me, so I’m going to be using the word “hustle” instead. There’s 3 main reasons why: The #1 Way To Freedom is Business If you want to get your own freedom, the…  continue reading > 

How To Hack Your Mornings with a Morning Routine (Plus a Peek Into My Morning Schedule)


I have a hate/hate relationship with mornings. It’s not that I love sleeping, I just hate waking up. I would stay up all night if it meant I didn’t have to spend the next day walking around in a haze and pounding Runa like they sponsor me (speaking of which, anyone know how we can…  continue reading >