The New Years Contest To End All New Years Contests

Shake off your hangover and wake yourself up.

It’s 2013 and we’re not wasting anytime with getting started on your new years resolutions.

We are not wasting any time. Today’s the day you can get started and get after it. I’m willing to bribe you to help do it.

Introducing the Ridiculously-Massive-New-Year-Giveaway-Shamelessly-Bribing-You-To-ACTUALLY-Do-What-You-Keep-Saying-You-Want-To-Do-But-Never-Do-Contest.

The Ridiculously-Massive-New-Year-Giveaway-Shamelessly-Bribing-You-To-FINALLY-Do-What-You-Keep-Saying-You-Want-To-Do-But-Never-Do-Contest

Impossible Abs

The Prizes

Lets talk about the goods first because – lets be honest – they matter. The good news is that  I’m giving away a deluge of prizes. Yes, a deluge. Here’s what’s at stake. These are not your mom’s contest prizes…

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

I also reserve the right to lavish said winners with copious amounts of great looking impossible gear – but that’s just a rumor I’ve been hearing that may or may not be true :).

How To Enter

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention, here’s how you can win all the previously mentioned deluge of prizes.

1. Get one of my programs if you don’t have it already.

2. Actually Do it (this is pretty crucial).

3. Take a before and after picture, and document your progress (bonus points for progress photos).

4. Send in your amazing success story.

5. Win the deluge of prizes.

How Long Is It?

The contest runs today through March 3rd. That’s 8 weeks and some change (to make it end nicely on a Sunday and all). That’s enough time to go through Impossible Abs 8 week program once or the No Excuse Workout twice. That means you get started now. Bonus points if you use Cold Shower Therapy to kickstart yourself out of a rut.

Winners will be judged by a completely biased panel of judges including me, myself, and I and announced 1-2 weeks after the contest ends.

How do you know which one to pick? If you want to really get after it and specifically burn fat, I don’t know of a better resource out there than Impossible Abs. The no excuse workout is awesome as well, but to be honest, it doesn’t have nearly the level of detail that Impossible Abs does. While you can see incredible results on both programs, but I’d be lying if I said that Impossible Abs customers won’t have the distinct advantage of a more intense workout & the in-depth nutritional component.

If you want to change your life – then change your life. Make it happen. Today. Get after it.

Get Impossible Abs


Get The No Excuse Workout


If you’re taking the challenge, do me a favor and tweet this – a little healthy competition is good for you. :)

Whether or not you join the contest, I’d like to say thanks for being a part of what’s going on here at Impossible HQ. 2013 is going to be awesome.

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  1. Jimb says

    Nice! I was going to focus on building strength for January/February, then do impossible abs again starting in March to get ready for the summer, but I think I’ll switch that around to win some cool stuff! Happy New Year!

  2. says

    I am in! Although, you will probably need to give me the three prizes because I will rock!

    P.S.: I am trying to be cocky so I will always remember I have made this public announcement.

  3. Linda says

    Oh fuck. I’ve done two weeks of the impossible abs programme and I’m starting to see some results but I didn’t really think I’ll share those pictures with anyone else but my private account on Thanks for the kick in the butt! I think I just shed an extra pound from sheer terror.

  4. Wayne says

    Is this comp open to people outside the US? I am in Australia and shipping me the prizes when I win might be expensive :)

  5. Reema says

    Love your blog! So motivational. Would love to participate in the challenge; however, I’m easing back into strength training. I can only do low reps of wall push-ups, modified squats & planks, no chin-ups (yet). What is the recommended fitness level for the Impossible Abs program? Is it suitable for beginner females?

    • says

      Yes. Everything in impossible abs is bodyweight and beginner exercises. There aren’t any complicated exercises involved. Any of the ones where you may have an issue with strength, we have ways to ‘scale’ them and make them easier.

      Also, keep in mind it’s designed as a fat loss program, so while you’ll certainly get stronger, it’s not designed around adding mass.

  6. Pete D. says

    I was already hype to work out today. Then I saw this and the post with Stickk. You’re damn right I’m doing this. I probably won’t enter since I’m bulking instead of losing weight (ergo, I won’t be following the Paleo diet because I’ll need carbs along with the protein), but the commitment is just as important, I think.

  7. Shawn says

    I am in.

    Do we need to send beginning pics now and then progress pics along the way or send all results at the end?

    Thanks for putting this on!

  8. Emily says

    Yes!! I was planning on doing Impossible Abs again anyway and now I love that its a competition!!! You’re awesome Joel!! Thanks for the added push to kick my own butt!

    It’s on!!!!

  9. Lyndsee Hembree Hawkins says

    Ready to start your challenge Joel! Perhaps your biased panel of judges will like my results even better than the other “participants” since you know me, or you should know me!! And by the way, congratulations on all of your successes! I have really enjoyed tracking your progress and following all of the impossible things you have made possible for YOU!

  10. Pat says

    I did the first day today and everything was pretty difficult except the body row. Is there something between this (which I did for quite a while and finally got bored at 144 reps) and pull ups (which I cannot do one of)?

    Pretty please??

    • says

      Body Rows —> Check your form. Keep your legs straight and don’t drop your hips.

      Pullups —> Try doing an assisted pull up as outline in the video tutorials.

      • Pat says

        Ok, I looked at the video for the body row and you’re in the park or something. All I have here is the door frame, and I couldn’t really get as much of an angle on my body as you do there, which is why I think it wasn’t that hard to do. But I’m pretty sore today so it’s doing something.

        I couldn’t find the assisted pull up video tutorial, can you link to it?

  11. says

    OK. I’m in. I am a 63 year old woman, in the prime of life. I have some extra weight that really bothers me and makes me look like I am inside a parentheses. I want to feel better and look better. I am interested in seeing how I respond to the challenge.

    Diane Overcash

  12. Cassandra says

    This Rocks!!! I’m in! Just two questions. 1) What can I substitute for the fish? 2) Do you want the “before” pictures up front then the story or the whole darn thing all together at the end?
    Thanks for this nice kick in the a$$!!

  13. says

    I started the workouts on Wed (1/2/13) and cold shower this morning…who the f*%k thought THAT was a good idea??? Sure got my ass moving though!

    Can I change the name of this contest to the “I’m gonna be hawt as FUCK at the pool this summer and for every day of the rest of my life” challenge?

    And yeah, do you want before pics NOW or at the end of the challenge in one tidy little file?

    • says

      Whatever helps you the most. If you need me to have before pictures to blackmail you with, then that works. Either way, at the end it’s best if everyone puts them all together along with their story.

  14. Mariska says

    Hi Joel, great idea!! I’m kicking off 2013 in a different way – my challenge for myself is to FINALLY get my website, blog and ebook off the ground, launched, made public…. I’ve been working on it for over a year now, and the only thing holding me back is me! Cold shower therapy – done it, and now it’s time to pull the trigger on my future. I’d be honored if you’d take a look when I get it up and running! Cheers, Mariska

  15. Jennifer says

    Oh, I’m SO doin’ this! I recently downloaded the No Excuses Workout. This contest rocks… those prizes are awesome! You can bribe me to get in shape ANYTIME…

  16. Shanice says

    Ha! I’m going to do the No excuse workout WITH the Cold Shower Therapy. Totally need an iPad for college. Books are heavy.

  17. Esme says

    How’s everyone going? I’m focusing on my goals and starting slowly but surely…Feeling good about it. Well, taking the first picture sucked bad but the worst is over, right?!? Let’s keep the momentum going!

    Thanks, Joel, for the challenge, the motivation, and the community!

    • Pat says

      Doing fine on the workout! Was really seriously sore after the lunges but I’m okay now.

      In other news, coconut oil in coffee is vile. :X

  18. Dale says

    Joel – What if I’m a 50 year-old fat guy that’s so lazy I didn’t see this until today (Jan 10th.) Can I still enter?

  19. Stacy says

    Hi Joel,

    I’m loving the Impossible Abs program so far!

    A quick question: I planned to enter this contest but have some new training that begins on Feb. 11. So it will overlap with Impossible Abs by 2 weeks. Can we enter if we are doing other things on top of Impossible Abs or do you want us to use your program only.

    It makes sense that you would want us to use your stuff alone, but I thought I’d check.

    Thanks for all you do.


  1. […] We had some big prizes at stake, but some of the biggest transformations actually actively turned down the prizes. While they started because of the different prizes at stake, they realized in the middle of the challenge that they were doing it for themselves – not some prizes – no matter how awesome they may be. And so while I’ll be sharing their stories coming up in the next few months, there were a ton of people who finished out the contest and deserve the swag. Here they are: […]

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